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How To Stay Strong & Stable During The Upcoming Eclipse Period

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by Conscious Reminder

Right now, we are in the season of Eclipses, and together with that, there are going to be numerous renewing but also quite confusing and strange energies which are going to appear in our life.

The season of Eclipses started on the 30th of December, 2018, and it continued into this year together with us.

So, the Eclipse season in which we are right now is not going to end until the 4th of February. There was already a Partial Solar Eclipse, but on January 21st, we are going to witness the Lunar Eclipse too.

The season of Eclipses is actually not something which occurs when our Sun is moving within about 18 degrees of the nodes of the Moon. It also lasts more than 30 days, bringing intense shifting with it.

At the time of the Eclipse season, we will need to be on edge and prepared to expect everything and anything, even at times the things will not be as we already imagined. As a result of the power of these energies, there will be a lot of opportunities which will also appear during this time.

The season of Eclipses of 2019 is going to put us on the appropriate way and even help us work through some debts related to karma, which we were dealing with recently.

Eclipses almost always happen on a New or Full Moon, and they bring the sense of true regeneration. So, with each of the seasons of Eclipses, we will be pushed to understand better our Universe and the connection we have to the things in it. Working better with all those energies in front of us is going to motivate us for making changes in lives.

When there is a season of Eclipses, we can feel the energies of Lunar Nodes in order to be helpful for us when we are working through our own Nodal Path. The Solar Eclipses happen when our Sun and our Moon go on the identical Lunar Node.

At the time of the Partial Solar Eclipse, which was on the Capricorn New Moon, the Sun together with the Moon is going to be near to the South Lunar Node in the sign of Capricorn. In fact, this Partial Solar Eclipse is going to activate the energies of this sign to some higher degree than the typical New Moo can.

It is also going to supercharge all those powers of this New Moon which already occur, providing us with energies in order to master our own North Node directly. This Capricorn’s high side, which is actually characterized by stamina and determination, is going to be felt on a global level.

Because of this, we are also going to be motivated to leave aside the Capricorn’s low side, which, in fact, embodies judgment, aloofness, and even overworking. The New Moon or also Solar Eclipse is going to encourage and motivate us to stay balanced while we are focused on the goals we have in life too.

Although they are going to be somehow chaotic, these forces will be overwhelmingly positive, so we have to remember this. If we want to keep moving forward, we should not fight everything on our way.

We have to embrace every opportunity before we really make ourselves known in some ways we otherwise don’t know. During this period, we are supposed to reset our lives.

So, we have to be very careful, and if we feel that we are confused, we should take some time in order to collect ourselves back. We also have to set boundaries and work on finding balance without any doubt. During this period, self-care will also be essential.

The season of Eclipses is exciting and digging deeper means finding more.

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