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Black Moon Lilith: A Look Into Our Hidden Shades Of Sexuality

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We are often looking into the stars to find out about ourselves and our future. For many of us, astrology is limited to just that.

But astrology is far more complicated than that. When we look at it more closely, we can find a lot of hidden truths behind it.

Just celestial bodies and their connections with the planets cannot chart your whole life. For example, there is the Black Moon Lilith. It is not the Lilith asteroid. It is a powerful point which helps us feel certain things regarding the way we repress our emotions.

Black Moon Lilith travels to different signs and can make your life uncomfortable at times, and completely filled with a kind of intoxicating freedom at other times.

The Black Moon Lilith must have been in some sign when you were born. Try to look at your charts and find out which sign Black Moon Lilith stayed in using the date and time of your birth and the location.

As you work on your natal chart, you will reveal parts of yourself which will help you move forward in life, accepting yourself completely. Black Moon Lilith holds the symbol of power within it – it wants you to lock your needs within your mind and body.

Lilith is a special name – a hidden one in the Bible. She was the original woman created for Adam. However, she was not someone who would listen to or do Adam’s bidding. She was thus thrown away and Eve was brought in her place.

Lilith represents the rebellious darkness within all of us. The darkness wants to be understood – it wants to be acknowledged for its needs. The more we delve into this darkness, the more understanding we become of our own self.

The Black Moon Lilith can connect you with shameful activities of your past. For example, a Scorpio might be reminded of their jealous mind.

These are things out of your control, something which you have either normalized or forgotten about. Lilith reminds you of it, however, it does not judge you for it. It accepts you for who you are.

Saturn shows us about our uncomfortable side, while Lilith subtly brings out certain parts which we do not like to face. Hence, Lilith tries to bring it up so that we can accept it and if it is a problem, find ways to solve it.

So, how is Lilith connected to sexuality?

Well, sex is a topic that has been made a taboo in our society. And since, Lilith brings out the taboo from within us, it brings out several shades of our sexuality which we might have wanted to hide.

With Lilith forcing our dark side out, we might be reliving certain aspects of our sexual fantasies in bed. For example, Lilith brings the theme of domination in Libra or Aries while the possessiveness in Scorpio and Taurus. Our dark sides are revealed – can we accept them?

Lilith will help us accept ourselves for who we are. All that is needed is for us to stop resisting.

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