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4 Superpowers People Who Got Out Of A Toxic Relationship Possess

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We all have been in toxic relationships and it causes a lot of damage to the people involved. We are afraid to talk about it as we feel that it would open the doors to our past and hurt us even more.

The secret of getting over it is to let go and stop caring because when a person cares a lot about a particular thing, people walk all over him.

However, being in a toxic relationship has its own perks. It helps you gain emotional superpowers once you start treating the relationship as a learning experience.

1. Letting things go

Women go through a lot in a toxic relationship. They always want to stick with the person they love and are very stubborn in making them a better person. They tolerate all the abuse, the negativity and even sometimes physical violence.

But after a long time, when you realize that all of these sufferings were in vain, you start letting go of things. You stop letting their behaviors affect you.

2. Meeting your own needs

In a toxic relation you forget about yourself and devote all your time and energy to fulfill the needs of your partner. It can be emotional, physical or financial.

But once you are out of one, you realize that you are very important to yourself and it teaches you that you are the only one who can take care of yourself.

3. Identifying red flags

Most of the relationships become toxic as the guy changes completely. He is not the person you fell in love with. A toxic relationship helps you to figure out the red flags which will save you a lot of future trouble.

It teaches you not to rush into a relationship and to get to know the guy better. It helps you not to make the same mistakes over and over again. One cannot focus only on the positive aspects of the person only.

4. Being able to forgive

A toxic relationship teaches you how to forgive other people. Forgiving someone doesn’t make you weak. It is a sign that shows that you are ready to let go of the negative emotions that have held you back for a very long time.

You are too hard on yourself for getting into such a horrible mess. A toxic relationship helps you to forgive yourself and remove the guilt that you have placed on your shoulders.

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