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Scorpio Season Begins: Time To Let The Past Die And Go For A Complete Transformation

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by Conscious Reminder

From 23rd October, the Scorpio Season begins. It is a period of transformation. The Sun goes into Scorpio every year and brings about a chance to transform.

The Earth is doing something similar with the autumnal forces running wild. Scorpio is now trying to help us shift our lives and put us in a new chapter.

The three archetypes that rule Scorpio are the Eagle, the Phoenix, and the Scorpion. All these have a specific role in our transformation.

The Scorpion is held in high esteem in many cultures all over the world. It shows the transition of the body into the afterlife as per Ancient Egypt. The Scorpion oversees this journey of the soul.

Other cultures show the Scorpion as a totem of death and the subsequent rebirth. It is seen like a snake that can molt their skin and come out new.

The Scorpio sun thus helps us shed the skin and be born again. The life cycles are getting repeated in our lives too. Let’s shed our previous skin and be new.

The Scorpio Moon also wishes that we become comfortable with the concept of death. Death is going to happen. It remains the inevitable truth. However, with each change, each growth, our past self dies.

Change brings death with it, and it’s okay. The energy of Scorpio wants us to be comfortable with this truth of change and let the parts which are obsolete in us – the ideas and the habits die.

And then, like a Phoenix, we can rise.

The Autumn season shows natural death in the most graphic way possible. The dead leaves depart from their mother trees and float upon their death bed. But there, these leaves decompose and provide nutrients for their mother and other trees too.

It is a perfect cycle. The death of the leaves brings growth in the soil. Death is just another beginning. Another new chapter. We have to embrace the idea of death.

The Scorpio season talks about Mercury, the Communication planet which will go retrograde in the same sign. It will help us to look deep within and find new truths held within us.

Written and verbal communication will take a hit when Mercury retrograde occurs in Scorpio. But then, we can develop subtler ways of communication. Maybe our intuition and empathy might help in developing a special form of telepathy.

Scorpion is very intuitive and so, this season will be a sensitive time. We can push our psychic abilities to grow during this period.

The transformative information will be our guide and will help in making our consciousness strong. The higher spirits will convey new information to us and we will be prepared to take all of it in, without being too overwhelmed by it.

The energy will get amplified from the month of October to the month of November. On 31st, the veil between the dimensions will become thin. Many powerful numerological codes are going to align themselves during this period.

The energy of the Scorpio is going to encourage us to look inside and start reflecting on who we actually are and where we are at this moment. It is a time for reflection and to feel the rhythm of our life’s journey. We might even start communication with the shadow side and be a little bit vulnerable.

If we are not getting into a proper balance, the Scorpio Season can make us manipulative. However, we can continue to confront our emotions and seek harmony. Our growth will be inevitable.

So, meditate and respect the energies of Scorpio. Reflect and grow. Do let things die – remember, their death is nourishing your future growth.

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