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Your Midlife Crisis Indicates That The Uranus Opposition Is Upon You

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by Conscious Reminder

There are certain crucial periods in Astrology which coincides with our age on Earth. And when these events take place, it brings about a major life event.

Some of these crucial time periods are the occurrence of the Jupiter return, which will take place every 12 years, then, the Saturn Return that will first take place when you between the ages of 28 to 31 and finally, there is the Uranus Opposition that takes place when you between the ages of 40 to 42 – the midlife.

Uranus Opposition is the period when the famous ‘midlife crisis’ starts to set in. In astrology, opposition means the time when you are in front of the mirror, staring at yourself. You want to see the truth as it is.

The lights are on and now, you can see how the path is going to be illuminated. An opposition will try to confront you and show you that your life can be challenging. You have to revaluate life and come to terms with it. You have to preserve what you want to keep and let go of certain things.

Uranus is perfect for an opposition. Uranus is for change. It breaks the status quo, innovates, and wants us to break out of the walls that we have created around us. We need to be different than what we were.

But when we are undergoing such a massive change, we will also awaken to a certain extent. Uranus helps us to awaken too. It will present obstacles before us and often topple us, but we have to go forward anyway.

Because in the end, the energy is trying to awaken us. The energy of Uranus is quite strong and it is a reminder for us to leave all expectations behind and live life anew. If you plan, your fate will laugh at you – that is something you may have heard. Well, Uranus empowers the saying. It represents the turning point – a new chapter beginning in your life.

If you have immersed yourself in your job or family and failed to take the time to notice yourself, then this is the time to start looking within. Awakening is on your way. Also, you might get some huge changes that are coming in your way – a need to break out or to smash down the walls that have imprisoned you.

Become a radical person. That’s the reason why during this mid-life crisis, people try to buy expensive vehicles or alter their looks or try hard to keep their youth. They awaken to discover who they are and the place they are in. They look in the mirror and see themselves in a different light.

The time of Uranus Opposition can also bring some presents for you. During this change, you will stop thinking of what our people are thinking about you. You start living your life in your own way. It makes us realize that our time here is limited and so, we are not supposed to stay imprisoned in this situation forever.

We have to surrender and let go of our restrictions and move ahead. During Uranus opposition, we might also be feeling out of the touch with the pop culture. We are growing, we are mortal – these thoughts would come to us. However, we should not forget that aging is natural.

If you had been slacking with your diet, then the Uranus Opposition is going to put your attention back to your diet and health. Improve your routine and start working out. Uranus brings you different opportunities to bring about changes, if you feel sluggish. Start living only for yourself.

We have to remember that Uranus Oppositions can be different for different people and we have to accept it in that manner. While this energy comes later in life, that is, during your late 30s and stays there till your late 40s, you can say that it is a major event and a turning point. So, don’t let it destabilize you. Infuse with it!

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