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Important Spiritual Dream Symbols You’ll Want To Know All About

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by Conscious Reminder

Often we have dreams that have a special purpose. It serves as a majestic force in our life while other dreams are commonplace that are associated with our daily routine.

Experts of dream interpretation have stated that all dreams are meaningful and help us in growing as a person if we pay close attention. On the other hand, some dreams have spiritual themes involved which become more powerful in our lives.

Why Are Some Dreams Spiritually More Relevant? 

All dreams are very personal and unique. We are able to relate to most of the messages received through dreams.

However, it is also necessary to understand that some of the dreams have a special spiritual symbolism in them that appears to usher eternal wisdom.

We will be able to open the portal that leads the way to the home of our soul only if we can successfully process and embrace the spiritual messages imparted by our dreams. This also acts as the beginning of our innate soul dream.

This is often considered as the purpose of our lives and shows the path leading to the perfect alignment to our divine body, mind, and soul.

Dreams And Soul Symbols 

There are 3 examples to identify the celestial symbols which usually emerge in our dreams in order to establish the soul connection. These are called the 3 soul symbols:

1: Colours And Rainbows 

Since childhood, we have believed that our dreams come true on the other side of rainbows. As a result, we must strive to enjoy our time when we can get a glimpse of a rainbow in the sky. Such rare moments act as a divine blessing and give us the correct guidance required while making any conscious choices.

The most special thing about a rainbow is that all 7 colors are perfectly aligned and balanced. Similarly, yoga traditions also have 7 major chakras known as energy centers that are present in our body. Each color seen in our soul dream has a spiritual symbol such as:

i: Red is the Root Chakra: It means we are safe and protected.

ii: Orange is the Sacral Chakra: It represents our creative inspiration.

iii: Yellow is the Solar Plexus Chakra: It signifies strength and confidence.

iv: Green is the Heart Chakra: It means we are loved and are capable of giving unconditional love.

v: Sky Blue is the Throat Chakra: It represents truth.

vi: Indigo is the Third-Eye Chakra: It shows us universal wisdom.

vii: White/Violet is the Crown Chakra: It represents our connection with the cosmic source.

2: Animals 

The animals seen in dreams usually symbolize our spiritual guardians. Since ancient times, various animals are associated with symbolic meanings like:

Snake: Snakes have a dual meaning. Firstly, they can symbolize viciousness and poisonous aspects. And secondly, it may be interpreted as transformation and wisdom. Seeing snakes in our dreams normally means that we may have some qualities of a snake that needs to be embraced, healed, and accepted. It might also indicate the process of spiritual transformation we are going through.

Elephant: Elephants are compassionate animals with big hearts and immense strength. It is mostly related to abundance and wealth in our life.

Bird: Hawks and eagles are regarded as very spiritual animals in several Native American cultures and most others consider birds as spiritual messengers. Birds also symbolize higher perspectives, the ability to fly above difficult situations and tap into feelings of freedom.

3: Numbers 

Numerical patterns or particular numbers are associated with spiritual meanings and our emotions. Often we can tap into the numerical energy by:

i: Focusing on our inner power.

ii: Focusing on positive thoughts.

iii: Dreaming big and setting higher goals.

Last Thoughts 

We can understand the true desires of our soul once we begin paying attention to our dreams and interpreting them in the right manner. These spiritual symbols will certainly guide us through.

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