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Cutting The Etheric Ties With Your Ex That Don’t Let You Move On

by consciousreminder
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By Conscious Reminder

It is important to reconcile with the fact that the pain of past relationships will persecute for some time. It’s like a scar that is sometimes painful, itchy and annoying.

We can’t get rid of our past; we can only accept it and make it an essential part of out strength.

Therefore, don’t ‘fight’ your ex’s, don’t try to forget them, don’t try to get rid of them, don’t try to erase them from your memory.
Remember them, give them a place in your life. They were there, they affected the state you were in at the time being, they gave you important realizations and life experiences, and that’s not something small and insignificant.

After all, this world – this is our dream theater, our set scene. We have called for them for some reason, and most often they serve to teach us a lesson. We can’t blame it on teachers because we are bad students who can’t keep up with the curriculum.

Let’s forget about the illusion that we need to forget about our ex partners if we want to have that happy life we have always dreamed of.

A Strong person is not someone who was able to forget and delete everything from oneself, but the one who remembers everything and lives peacefully with it by choosing happiness and healthy relationships every day!

Acceptance is what makes us strong – not rejection.

A permanently happy life and eternal happiness are just an illusion. Even with the most successful marriages, there is always pain and lessons to learn from and grow out.

What makes them better is the love, warmth and affection the partners share with each other.

And the older and more complete we get, the better and more fulfilling our relationships become.

It is very important to leave destructive relationships, but even more importantly is to create a new focus of attention, and direct our energy towards acceptance – not rejection.

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