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Saturn Is In Capricorn Till 2020 And Life Won’t Be The Same Again

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by Conscious Reminder

One of the most influential planets, the location of Saturn controls our lives a lot more than you’d think. By learning more about Saturn and its mysteries, we also get to know more about being human.

Like all the other heavenly bodies, the planet Saturn moves into different star formations and regions of space. Whenever it enters into a new area, the planet’s energy undergoes a transformation.

Since it governs the constellation Capricorn, Saturn’s presence there indicates that a lot of things are going to happen. Even though Saturn’s influence is thought to be restricting and limiting, it is anything but that.

You just need to dig a little deeper for the truth. In fact, Saturn moved into Capricorn a while ago and you most likely never noticed till now.

According to Café Astrology, it is easy to mistake Saturn’s theme as one of negativity. The truth is Saturn helps us find order and peace. Its influence makes us aware of our own limitations.

We realize where we need to draw the line and understand the magnitude of the promises we’ve made. It becomes easier to define one’s purpose in this world.

Authoritarian traits are usually thought to be represented by Saturn. As children, we may not have liked having to obey adults but their instructions taught us about the world. In the same way, Saturn also urges us to learn and expand our horizons.

Now that we’re past the halfway mark of 2019 it is time to think about what will happen in the coming year. There’s some time left before it rolls around but time is moving much quicker than we realize.

Since Saturn is already in Capricorn and it fully intends to stay there till the 21st of March 2020, their combined energy is going to grow into a force to be reckoned with. For a brief moment, Saturn will move into Aquarius but will be in Capricorn again by July 2020.

When the two come together, their influence drives us to introspect and understand ourselves. Rather than looking at the negatives, we start focusing on all the accolades we’ve received and the recognition our work has been blessed with.

Café Astrology points out that both Saturn and Capricorn desire respect above all else and will do everything they can to earn it. Those who deserve it will get what they’re due.

Hard work will be recognized and those who take short cuts will pay the price for it. People might start grasping for positions of power because they want to feel like they’re in charge.

Simple, practical, and honest solutions are what Saturn is looking for. There’ll be challenges but they’re necessary for us to figure out what part of ourselves we need to work on.

None of these things will happen fast because Saturn believes in staying steady and balanced. Whatever needs to be done also has to be done right.

All of this can sometimes feel like too much but there’s a lot of positivity to this energy if we use it right. Use these reservoirs well and you might achieve something you never thought you could.

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