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Truths About Life That Will Make You A Lot Better Person

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by Conscious Reminder

We all know that life is not easy. It is anything but that. We all go through different difficulties at different phases of our lives and also come up with different kind of coping mechanisms as necessary.

Sometimes we are not the best person that we can be and sometimes there is not much we can do about that.

Buddhism lists about five truths that all of us must know to be the best version of ourselves while going through life for both our own sake as well as the people around us.

The 5 truths are as follows.

Worrying never helps

Working ourselves up over everything that happens in our lives is never the solution, especially about things we cannot control. Worrying and stressing out does not make any situation better, nor does it help change the outcome. The world will go on as it must, irrespective of out anxiety.

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist teacher, also says that the cosmic order of things cannot be changed no matter what. Things will happen as Nature wishes so fretting over them can hardly be of any use. All of us must do what we have to and wait for things to shape up on their own.

Accept the reality as it is

This point cannot be stressed upon enough. Life is not and will never be a bed of roses. There will always be certain undesirable things around us but the solution is not to turn a blind eye. We have to take everything in our stride.

The world will never adjust itself according to us; it is us who will have to modify ourselves. Our opinions will not always be correct and we would have to be in a place to accept that, work on ourselves and move on.

Change is unavoidable

The only constant in life is that there will always be change. Most of us are terrified of change but we forget that that is just how the Universe works. Without change, there cannot be progress of any kind.

We might try to hold on to things and convince ourselves that that is how things will always be but that could not be farther from the truth. Our world is based on the very principle of change. There cannot be but one solution- acceptance. It is how things were before us; it is how things will be after us. We are the only temporary aspect of it all.

Temporary feelings are what cause suffering

We spend most of our lives running after things that we think will make us happy, like a good job, a big house, and an expensive car and so on. When we get everything we think will make us happy and still do not find it, we desire more things.

Happiness does not come from these temporary things; all we find in our way is more pain because we never feel satisfied. One has to realize that happiness is what comes from within, from the peace of the mind and soul. This peace only comes when we learn to let go of our worldly desires.

Meditation always heals

Meditation grants us with a feeling of completeness and we realize that everything around us, including ourselves, is temporary. Everything that we feel and we want is transient.

Meditation grants us a way to look at ourselves from sort of an outer body experience and fills us with humility as we realize that running after material is not the solution to anything. It helps us find inner peace and happiness.

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