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Your ” I Will Love You Until ” According To Your Zodiac Sign

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ARIES will love until betrayed!

Ready to fight until the end bearing the traits of the God of War. They will always need to be kept busy by being given something to conquer. Thus they will constantly try to win their partner forever.

TAURUS will love until their heart is broken!

The easiest sign to be hurt but the most difficult to destroy. They are courageous and can withstand life hardships. They are rather sensitive to criticism and insults and can easily have their heart broken in such cases.

GEMINI will love until outsmarted!

Playing games with them is a bad idea. Driven by the planet of communication and intellectual affairs, they will immediately recognize deception. As soon as they realize that they will no longer show respect.

CANCER will love until abandoned!

This is the most possessive sign. For them company is the most important element in a relationship. It provides emotional security but if they think that their partner is no worthy of their love, they will go away and never turn back.

LEO will love until fooled!

The most protective sign when it comes to maintaining their social image. They insist on appreciation when in relationship and are particularly sensitive to insults. They want to love their partner with all their strengths and weaknesses.

VIRGO will love until lied!

The masters of criticism and truth will observe every detail and be aware of all things happening around them. Therefore, do not take a risk and lie to them because you will surely lose them forever.

LIBRA will love you until there’s ‘war’ between the two of you!

The traits they bear are those of diplomats and peace makers. They resolve conflicts and are willing to do anything to make a relationship last. Do not ask for trouble and do not mess with them when in relationship.

SCORPIO will love as long as there are no secrets!

As long as there are no secrets and lies the Scorpio will never stop loving you. Honesty is what they cherish most and the key to keep you by their side.

SAGITTARIUS will love until there is hope!

Optimism and hope are the most important when Sagittarius love. They are very ambitious and want a partner that will trust their vision and integrity.

CAPRICORN will love until you give up!

They are real extremists when it comes to making things last especially relationships. Capricorns admire their partners as long as they do not give up on their life.

AQUARIUS will love until you become common!

They are attracted to partners who have unique personality traits. The moment their partner starts looking like everyone else will be the moment when they will leave.

PISCES will love until you stop dreaming!

Although they may seem cold at first glance, they are actually rather sensitive. They are dreamers and live in their own world seeking for inspiration. The inspiration and motivation are the driving forces that keep their hearts warm and kind.

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