Uranus Starts Its Journey In Taurus Today: Seismic Changes In The Financial World

by Conscious Reminder

Uranus starts its journey in Taurus today, March 6th. It’s going to be in there for the long haul, staying till 2025-2026. Uranus can bring a bit of instability in certain aspects.

Especially, it is going to trouble the food production capacities and financial systems. It may be really grim, but it should be used as a wake-up call.

We are taking this planet for granted and Uranus in Taurus is making us aware of it. Personally, it will make us more careful with our money and help us to not be reckless with it.

The combination of Uranus with Taurus is an interesting one. Taurus is an earth sign and represents steadiness. It is not willing to change easily and maintains the status quo. On the other hand, Uranus is rebellious and tries to destroy the status quo.

It wants to bring about change. It tries to break away from tradition and the past. For Uranus, living in the past will only make you regressive.

On the other hand, for Taurus, change just breaks you away from security and topples your life. Change will make your life go upside down and so it’s best not to go through it.

Environmental changes and different kinds of financial issues will start popping up during this season. Let’s look at history and find out how Uranus in Taurus affects humankind. In June 1934, Uranus traveled through Taurus till May 1942.

Financially, back then, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the famous Social Security Act and the Banking Act which radically changed how the citizens of the United States handled their finances.

In 1936, the Spanish Civil War broke out and the next year, Japan invaded China. 1939 signified the beginning of the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union.

Also, Germany was slowly undergoing Nazification during this time, which led to World War II in the year 1939. Changes in land ownership and changes in borders are some of the things that happened in many European counties during this period.

So, changes in economic systems and utilization of resources are some of the aspects which Uranus in Taurus is bringing upon us. It’s time to make a budget and be wise about how we spend money. We can also expect technological advancements taking place in the financial department.

Sometimes, when an external planet enters a new sign, some major event can take place. When Uranus entered into Aries back on 11th March 2011, tsunami and earthquake occurred in Japan which brought about the Fukushima nuclear disaster. So, be aware!

Uranus in Taurus can also give rise to the feeling that we are in debt or that money is trapping us somehow. This will result in sharing economics or what is referred to as ‘collaborative consumerism’. Here, people will start renting their cars, bikes, or computers which so as to make money.

Plus, on a global scale, there might be some major changes. Due to the presence of micro-banking, cryptocurrencies, and crowdfunding, banking and the financial world are going through some major changes.

We might be on the brink of a major revolution in which we are freed from the clamps of banking and government control and enter into an economic system in which exploiting resources is not the way to earn money.

However, while making these changes, we might feel restricted since it’s a completely new thing. Even sexual revolution is possible and we might witness a rise of polyamory, sacred sexuality, and ethical non-monogamy.

Don’t stay too close to traditions. Try to accept the changes that are taking place. Maybe it’s for the better. But at the same time, tread cautiously.

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