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3 Ways You Can Transform Your Darkness Into Light

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by Conscious Reminder

Darkness, or our “shadow,” encompasses the parts of us we don’t want to see: the painful, sticky, murky stuff; shame, wounds and disowned pieces.

Understandably, our instinct is to avoid these aspects of ourselves, but when we do, we shorten our chances for joy. We all have a darker side which we choose to keep hidden from the real world.

In some cases, the dark sides are the ones that truly define a person. It speaks about our emotions, our vulnerability and the things which we do not want to confront. The darker side of a person helps him to connect deeper with the person he interacts with.

This gives other people an insight into the actions and also the cause of the action. Reaching for light, positivity, and affirmations is wonderful, but tends to be overemphasized in popular culture. Learning to connect to the “dark side” is equally essential for an even fuller, juicier life experience.

The fear begins at a young age. Unless it is dealt with quickly, it will usually last into adulthood. One particularly strange thing about this fear is its prevalence—every person has dealt with it at some point.

Discussed below are a few things that one can do in order to awaken the light inside of him using the darkness:

1. Embrace uncertainty and make fear your compass

Life is full of uncertainty and everything in life changes fast. Most people fear what they cannot understand or comprehend as they do not possess the adequate knowledge to contain it. Life is a perfect example of it.

Fear is a natural emotion that all human being possess. You are not a human being if you do not fear anything. But life does not give us many opportunities and one must seize the ones he gets. At that time you must always listen to your heart and have a calm, composed mind in order to deal with the situation.

2. Use your pain to create art

Human beings are very sensitive and they often get hurt. Immense pain can be inflicted on a person by emotional, mental or physical abuse. Some people find it very hard to recover from those wounds. Some seek medical care by taking sessions from a therapist or by having pills in order to counter the anxiety.

But in most cases, people surrender to depression. Pain is something that can make a person stronger day by day. A person should never bottle up the feeling and learn to express himself to others. Writing, painting, poetry are a few among many other things that a person can do in order to express the sufferings through art.

3. Face your shadows and befriend your demons

Both good and evil prevails inside a person. One dominates the other. But what we choose to become is completely on our hands. Most people don’t know how to deal with the darker side inside them. The only solution is to get closer to the darker side. One cannot change himself if he doesn’t know who he is.

The only reason why the darker side still prevails in a person is to prevent him from doing any good. Every person is capable of doing good things in life. The person just has to confront his darker side, look in the mirror and ask himself what he chooses to become in the future.

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