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Pisces Full Moon September 13th/14th: Be Prepared To Have Your Faith Tested

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by Conscious Reminder

September 14 would see the Full Moon joining Neptune in 21 degrees Pisces. You might be beset with certain disappointments as a result of Jupiter squaring Neptune, so remember that the Full Moon is going to bring about your faith to the test.

Mars making a T-square also increases the entire aura of deception that pervades the atmosphere, due to anger, impulsivity, etc.

Since this Full Moon posits itself in the Constellation of Phoenix, one can assume that transformation, renovation or rebirth is always on the cards, especially with the aspect of Pluto in it.


For the next couple of weeks, your close interpersonal relationships will be put under a microscope and dissected due to the Sun being on the opposite end of the Moon. There will be a lot of polarizing forces designed to create pressure on you, both externally, and internally. This mostly leads to crisis and conflicts that would threaten to destroy you.

But, you would also be given the power of the Moon to heighten your emotions and instinctual abilities. Use this power to deal with any relationship trouble that you may find before you. Your subconscious won’t allow you to look at things behind tinted glasses. You will be pretty observant about any and all disharmony that terrorize the very basics of your relationship dynamics.


The Full Moon on 14 September is going to form T-square patterns which bring in Moon-Neptune, against Sun-Mars, while squaring Jupiter. You might face some disappointments because of confused feelings that might come up.

But when in sextile with Pluto, you get the power to deal with your emotions in a logical and straightforward way. Also, Pluto allows one to undergo a transformation of their body, mind, and soul, taking help from Neptune in the Constellation of the Phoenix.


Jupiter squaring Neptune would bring in your faith to test due to some encroaching disappointments. Your optimism and faith might be going strong, but you don’t really know if it will all match up as you want them to be. Also, remember that it is probably better in this period to be more suspicious of things around you than to be gullible.

Mars opposing Neptune will bring out your inferiority complex. You can also face disappointment and shame through your sexual perversion, or gullible actions. You might want to come down to reality but your sex drive or your career doesn’t.

Mars squaring Jupiter will make one willing to embrace risks. It is good to be confident but make sure that your overconfidence doesn’t hit you in the head too hard and lead to disappointment. Don’t be impulsive, use your intuition to get out of situations safely.


The Moon conjuncting Neptune would increase your sensitivity towards emotions but also bring about your insecurity to the foray. You might be the perpetrator of some scandal if you aren’t careful as to the roads you walk on. Since it doesn’t take time for dreams to transform into fantasy, don’t overact to a situation, nor get impulsive about it. You may also be enmeshed in something fatal, so be aware.

This Full Moon squaring Jupiter might bring your overconfidence out, which can cause some embarrassment. There might be some treachery in relationships, which too can result in a scandal. Also, don’t overindulge in anything, for an excess of nothing is good.

Full Moon opposing Mars will turn you into someone moody, and selfish to the core. If you act first and think later, you would find that minor discords turn into major arguments, that later threaten to break you. Use that excess energy towards something good and productive.


When the Moon sextiles Pluto, it makes one’s subconscious way more intense and strong. Your innermost feelings might come out, but you will also get the ability to rein in their feelings, emotions, and sentiments.

You will also be interacting personally with people, and that would help you gauge how much are they in for you. Also, the Constellation of Phoenix will allow you to revitalize yourself, completely bring out a new you, that would help you understand the mysteries of the Universe better.

Have a safe Full Moon!

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