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8 Ways To Ground Yourself And Sync Frequencies With Mother Earth

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by Conscious Reminder

The concept of grounding yourself and thereby finding a connection with the Earth has been explored by different groups of people all over the world. By cultivating this link, we can bring about coherence and good health in our lives. These are some of the ways this can be achieved.

Explore the outdoors

Go out and explore all the beauty that nature has to offer. Most of us get so caught up with work that we forget to take time to explore the hills and valleys and seas that surround us. All of nature thrums with life and it will do you good to be there.

Don’t bother with shoes

When you go out on that walk, try to find a meadow. Take off your shoes and spend some time enjoying the feel of the grass against your feet. For millennia, mankind walked the Earth with bare feet and it would serve us well to bring that habit back.

Commune with the Trees

Sometimes the field of energy that surrounds us can go out of whack because of some traumatic event that we experienced. When this happens, it is essential to once again find stability and balance. You can do this by coming out into physical contact with other beings of nature. The connection that you create with that contact will help you in balancing yourself.

Try out the latest tech

In recent years, there have been many technological developments dedicated to help people who are in the process of grounding and to refill the negative ions in their bodies. A person’s PH level should ideally by alkaline to neutral. The former is essential to build up immunity. By utilizing technology, you can make the electro-negativity of your body rise which increases the alkaline levels.

It is important to visualize

We have the power to control the working of our energy field by manipulating our feelings. Even the ancients proved that the practice of visualizing your goals is efficient especially because you can do it whenever you want to, wherever you want to. Keep reading to learn about other methods that also work quite well.

Grounding Chord

By visualizing, seeing, and feeling, you can sense the very heart of the planet and the strong energy that radiates from it. Using every aspect of your being, move towards that center and take some of that quivering, beating energy right from the deepest parts of the Earth. Connect this flow of energy to the root chakra in your body and you will be connected to the Earth like never before. You will also feel your perineum, crotch and buttocks tighten and flex. Keep practicing this technique over and over, as many times as you need to. Try to pull up other flows with different characteristics and see what they make you feel.

The Tree Method

By visualizing, seeing and feeling every aspect of your physical self, you can gain the traits of a tree. You will be able to sense roots extending from your feet, connecting you to the Earth. The rest of the leg will turn into wood and the roots will gradually come up to cover all of you. The spine will become as straight as a tree trunk and energy will flow upwards through it to your heart and your brain. Your arms will start branching out, reaching towards the sky, absorbing the energy of the sun.

The Mountain Method

By visualizing, seeing and feeling every aspect of your physical self, you can gain the traits of a great mountain. Only a portion of a mountain is visible above the Earth. Its roots are deeply embedded into the ground. You will be able to sense the lower half of your body attaching itself to the rocks below and you will feel peaceful and calm. The upper half of your body will shoot up to touch the sky. This simultaneous connection with the Earth and the Sky will help balance your energy.

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