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It’s Time To End The Cycle Of Impossible Love

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We see so many representations of impossible love in our everyday grind. They have movies about it, and books and what not.

Somehow, people find the poems written about unattainable love a lot more beautiful than the ones about love that has been accomplished.  After all, we all love our tragedies. And the pain of Romeo and Juliet is something many of us can relate to.

And why not? Haven’t we all have had our share of the impossible love? Love; that was just too unconventional for our friends and families to approve of. Society has put so many hurdles in the way of true love that we have come to accept and live our destinies to be with someone we tolerate because they are perfect for us, or so says the society.

And in time we start to like them enough to spend our life with them (unless the differences are too great), and thus we learn to live without our love. And why shouldn’t we emulate this behavior?  Isn’t this exactly what our parents did, and their parents before them?

Generation after generation we have been forced fed the idea that the only kind of partner who is good for us, is the one who ticks all the boxes set in place by the society (not by us and definitely not as per love ).

We were born in this destiny

As I said, it comes naturally to us to keep the wishes of the society and people around us above our own. Because that’s all we ever saw right from our birth. Our parents had to do the same. They sacrificed their true love, the impossible love of their own life, got together, had us and then forgot all about the sacrifice. Well, even if they never forgot it, they tried their best to keep it away from us (and perhaps each other as well).

But we don’t have to live it

But just because things have been like this for as anyone can remember, doesn’t mean it has to remain so. Now is the time that we start manifesting what we believe in. To finally get away from all the obstacles which were put in the way of true love year after year, for centuries.

For too long we have listened to others, paid attention to their opinions and followed an illusion in which we never really believed in. Now is the time to finally do what we want to do, or rather what our heart wants us to do. It is time to listen to our inner voice instead of that of the society.

To fight for the love that deserves it

Let’s be clear, not all loves are meant to be fought over. And you would know it yourself when is the time to let go. But just sometimes, perhaps not even in this lifetime or the next (it might take many lifetimes for a love like that to appear) you will find the love which makes it obvious that you’ll have to fight tooth and nail to keep it together.

This is the love which will be our salvation as well as our world’s salvation. This is the love which is powerful enough to create galaxies. This is the love which shines through when the world around us keeps getting darker and bleaker. And this is the love we have to protect.

We need to recognize this love and then we need to fight everything and everyone that comes in its way. That is the only way to safeguard ourselves and our universe.

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