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7 Signs To Identify Soul Energy Connection

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by Conscious Reminder 

We often experience the most intense connections with someone we have just met. We feel it’s the work of Fate to justify such attraction.

Throughout our lives, we come across many such people and enter into relationships with some of them. These relationships are called soul-level connection.

Soul-level Connections: Definition

These connections are formed due to agreements with other souls formed before birth. The duration of the relationships and the people we would connect with are decided in this agreement. In order to make this bond work, the souls need to exchange energy and learn from each other for that given time.

Reason Behind Soul-level Connections

Although our souls are aware of the people we are supposed to connect with, our physical bodies tend to forget this information. We forget our purpose and the people we should be bonding with. It’s almost like amnesia where the soul remembers. Therefore, when we come across the other souls, our souls get attracted to them and form a deep bond.

This phenomenon arises due to several factors. The connection is built due to exchange of energy. Thus, if the other person has filled your life with happiness and positivity when you needed it, then it would explain why the connection happened.

Previous Life’s Experiences

All of us have had many rebirths, with varying situations, but we will always meet the destined souls to exchange energy. In each life we will meet the same people and this is how sometimes we can recognize others because we have exchanged energy with them in some other life.

Ways to identify Soul-energy connection

Here’s a compilation of some significant signs that clearly hint at a soul-energy connection.

1. Meeting of the Eyes

As you forget the person you’re meant to bond with, it can happen that you fail to recognize them at first. However once you have eye contact with them, you won’t be able to look away. There won’t be any awkward tension or weirdness but a sense of familiarity and comfort from the beginning.

2. Intense Magnetic Attraction

Their energy will pull you towards them like a ship to the lighthouse. They will complete you and make your life infinitely better. They are here to stay forever.

3. Similar Value System

Both of you hold the same beliefs and morals and share the same perspective regarding life. You both want similar things and want to achieve the same goals in life. Therefore it makes you understand each other a lot better and even you guide and support each other, emotionally as well as career-wise.

4. Very Familiar

Your relationship embodies a safe and secure space to you. You feel at ease around them. Both of you share a brilliant understanding and depth with makes it easy and safe for you to share your problems and speak your mind, without any fear of judgment. This kind of comfort and intensity is mainly found in relationships which are very old, but the soul connection makes it this comfortable since day one.

5. Energizer

They keep you upbeat and positive all the time due to the energy exchange.

6. Engrossed in each other

The connection is so deep-rooted that you cannot get enough of each other. They get all your attention and hours feel like seconds in their presence.

7. Same Lifestyle and Story

Both of you have been through similar incidents and experiences in life. Thus you can relate to each other easily and understand each other better. You have learnt from the bad incidents and grown up.

8. Satisfied Souls

The souls are enriched with love and warmth in each others’ presence.

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