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Powerful Energy Upgrade Happening These 24 Hours

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Capricorn Full Moon happening today is also bringing some powerful energies that will stir up the masses. 

We have been witnessing a chain of huge frequency spikes in the Schumann Resonance – well over 40 Hz. Having taken in consideration that the baseline measure is 7.83Hz, this is 7 or 8 times well above the normal.

For those who haven’t heard this information, according to some teachings, 7.83Hz is known as the frequency of OM, which also happens to be planet Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm.

So, what’s the meaning behind this energy upgrade and how will it affect all of us?

Get ready to filter out the wave of stress and anxiety that will be taking us by storm in the following 24 hrs.

If you are wondering why we are feeling this energy shift to such an extent, it’s because neuroscientists discovered that every frequency above 36Hz recorded in the human brain is closely associated with a stressed nervous system than a relaxed and healthy one.

This is an indication of increased stress and anxiety levels, as well as heightened states of alertness and jumpy behavior. Other interesting side effects we might feel is the sensation of time speeding up, shifts in perception and sharpened senses.

As this is going to have a huge effect on out mental, emotional and physical state, I highly advice you to spend a good chunk of your time for grounding your energies today. Go out in nature, plant your feet i the ground and make a connection with Mother Earth.

Also take a good amount a pH balanced water during the day and eat raw food reach with sun energy.

You can also try meditation. Place yourself on the ground and reflect in the higher states of consciousness.

These waves, in my opinion, normally precede “next level” shifts in consciousness – which we may see unfold through various forms of geo-politics, soft disclosure and what would seem like system upheaval/ breakdown.

However, I kindly suggest you don’t try to fight the thunderstorm. Let the chaos come and go on itself. Be calm and find your inner center.

May you peacefully go with the flow.

Love & Light!

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