Let’s Stop Neglecting And Start Nourishing The Divine Masculine

by Conscious Reminder

People always talk about the divine feminine and praise the important impact that it has left behind on earth.

We barely talk and pay heed to the divine masculine. Just like one requires two hands to clap, similarly, the feminine needs the masculine just as much the masculine needs the feminine. People think that extreme masculine is a source of negativity, abuse of power and rampant aggression.

Similarly, extreme feminine is considered to be envious, bitter and ablaze. But when the extreme sides of both are encountered, it is felt that the extreme part is just a small strand in the bulk manifestation of energy. Other manifestations of nature and beauty also exist but this world is yet not the place for two of them to dance together.

The divine masculine and feminine both exist for a reason and both of them have different roles to play. The divine masculine helps us to move forward. The divine feminine helps us in receiving and the divine masculine helps us in giving. The feminine acts as a place of kindness and softness whereas the divine masculine acts as a place of strength.

It also protects the female that is nourishing. Consciousness is derived from the divine masculine and with the help of the feminine, the thoughts and ideologies come to life. Both of these sides live side by side. The divine feminine creates magic and the masculine provides a backbone to it. Discussed below are a few points which will help you to nourish and honor the divine masculine.

1. Understand that compassion and strength are not mutually exclusive:

 The human brain is one of the strongest things that a human being has. One can accomplish anything if he has a strong mind. Many people will say a lot of things about you; they will try to distract you and even try to stop you from becoming who you want to be. A strong mind helps you focus on the important things in life and also to neglect the unimportant things that others say about you. Being focused in life helps to stay away from distractions and follow the right path which leads to embracing yourself. Focusing on your mind will help you understand the compassion and strength.

2. Teach your children to be both kind and bold:

 You should teach your children that he should know who he is, what he wants to be in the future and how he wants the world to see him. In order to make the future better, a person should start by changing his present. In order to embrace themselves, one must learn how to align themselves properly. The trick is not to overcomplicate things. One must know clearly what he wants and work hard enough to achieve it. One must know how he wants to feel and then start putting the emotions in the right place.

3. Be a father to yourself:

Your happiness is the thing that matters to you the most. In a monotonous world or complete chaos, the little tokens of happiness matter a lot and you should know about the little things that make you happy only if you can be a father to yourself. You cannot teach your children life lessons with you cannot cope with life yourself. You should be a role model to them. You should share all your happiness and sorrows with them. Make yourself involved in every little thing in life and eventually a big part of their life.

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