Detecting Negative Energies Within Your Home

by Conscious Reminder

The concept of negative energy residing in a physical space might be a bit strange to grasp. But it is more common than you think.

You might even have witnessed it in your surroundings without understanding what it was. For instance, on your way to and from work, is there any picturesque landed property, which just seems perfect for a family.

If that didn’t ring a bell, then you could have noticed negative energy being manifested in other forms.

For instance, a shop where no business seems to be able to hold for long; every few months or so it reopens with a different business.

All these are instances, where negative energy which has marked its signature on the premises is not allowing the place to flourish.

There need not be any ghosts haunting the place, accumulated negative energy is enough to cause all this.

The source of this negative energy could either be the events which took place there in the past or the kind of people who inhabited that space.

Here is how you can detect if there is any amount of negative energy accumulated at your home.

  • What is the feeling you get when you walk into your home? Is this feeling warm and welcoming or oppressive and dark?
  • In case the feeling is dark, do you think it is coming from inside you, because of something you’ve faced or is it from the outside, the surroundings.
  • If you immediately leave your home do you suddenly feel lighter.
  • Is there a marked difference in how you feel when you are home and when you are away?
  • Other than your feelings and emotions, are there also any physical symptoms which manifest when you are home and go away when you leave.

These questions should give you an idea about whether or not you have negative energy imprint on your home.

If you feel that is the case you should take steps to fight it otherwise it will soon start to affect your personal life, if it hasn’t already.

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