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The Shapeshifting Andromedan Energy And Its Traits

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The energies of Andromeda challenge us to understand what “light” is.

Earth scientists have discovered that at a sub-atomic level the thoughts and expectations of the observer of an experiment influence the outcome of the experiment. They don’t have one particular facial feature.

They are highly intelligent beings that can take the shape of any species they come around. The Andromedans are pretty over-dominating and self assertive. They often tend to be smart but they do make a lot of mistakes in their physical life.

They are completely open to trying out new things and love exploring and experimenting. The members of this starseed specie are also said to be sensitive beings but they don’t let it show openly.


The most challenging thing about Andromeda is the fact that it has no one specific form. It can present itself in any form of energy or different realities present in this galaxy. It is really tough for them to understand human ways of communication. They cannot relate to them on high level. A new mean of communication is being built with these energies. We should begin with building new models to understand the bond between two and also to find out how we can work with it. Most of them are said to be natural healers and maintain a pretty sorted lifestyle. Their way of clothing and presentation of their house is almost next to perfect. They often look forward to professions like therapists, doctors, nurses, psychologists etc because this helps them make use of their healing capabilities. They are always looking forward to helping others out and professions as such help them do so.

Andromedan Starseeds:

-Peace Keepers
-Love a good risk or thrill
-Like to travel and explore
-Enjoy sexuality
-Have a good head on their shoulders
-Are laid back and chill in their personality
-Have a great charm, and confidence
-Tend to be popular and well liked.
-Like technology
-Enjoy commitment, but like to explore love.
-Have great wisdom but balance that with having fun
-Natural Reiki Healers
-Want to try new things
-Like to create with their hands
-Have a laid back style of their own
-Leader in a group of friends, not followers
-Light up the room and are mainly the centre of attention
-Great Fashion Sense
-Like dancing and music

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