Cancer New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse On July 12th: Give To Receive

The month of July will bring in new and interesting possibilities in our life, due to the motions of the extra terrestrial bodies around earth, that would affect our lives, owing to the nature of astrology.

The New Moon Partial Eclipse would begin on 12th July, around 3 pm EDT, in the form of a Cancer that signifies the planet and its inhabitants to bring in a new freshness in their lives, which have been roughened up by the Ides of March.

It is time to establish your life as a new entity, forgetting all old feuds, and negativity that might be present in your life, and forging a new identity where everything has a new beginning and life is afresh. You need to forget your old struggles, troubles and the road you have taken that is fraught with obstacles, and you need to wipe your register clean, and prepare for a new day, a new dawn.

This is the time to fully appreciate the people we have around us. We need to thank our family, our friends, and people we love, for what they have done for us, and how secure, and satisfied we feel in their midst.

We need to realize that we would not have a niche in society if we didn’t have them by our side. This is the moment, when family, and friends are the one you need to be with. A fresh start is only possible when you have people around you, who know you, understand you, and love you for who you are.

The bells have rung for us to know our deepest insecurities, vulnerabilities, flaws, and the need to accept them, and over come them. Only then can we move on the path to progress, in our domestic, personal, and professional lives.

Not just our own self, we also need to take care of our household, and this is the time when you can decorate your house according to your interests and desires, and turn it into a home. For home is where the heart lies.

This calls for bargain. We can only get something, only when we give something back. Also, something can only begin, when something ends. So, in order to move forward, you need to look back unto yourself and sacrifice something, so that the burden is lightened and hence you can move fast.

The universe is giving you signals, which you need to be sharp enough to understand. Just like Arthur Dent in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you need to understand where you stand, and gauge your successes, and demolish your fear. Only then, will you be truly alive, and truly moving towards a dynamic life.

Since this month is riddled with an eclipse, the energies in the atmosphere are very high. But, in order to identify an eclipse, it is ardent that we know where they are. This is helped by the presence of lunar nodes, in the sky. If the new moon or the partial moon is a few degrees unaligned with the lunar nodes, it can be ascertained that this is a new moon partial eclipse.

This eclipse helps us determine the success we want in our lives. It gives us a parameter into how much we can delve into our lives and make it better. We might get astray while we are walking down the road, but this eclipse down the sign of Cancer will guide us towards the light, and onto the pathway to success.

If we have any misconceptions, and ideas about what life could result in, this is the exact moment, when we can identify our own self, and realize where we should go.

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