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Once A Teacher, Always A Student

by consciousreminder
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by Asherah Sananda
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Life is constantly offering us opportunities for growth, opportunities for further learning. No matter which stage of evolution we are at, we will never stop learning.

Everybody that we meet and every situation that we encounter in our life can be a teacher. If we allow it to be and if we open up to that opportunity of growth. 

Often do I see people that are on the spiritual path and in the new age circles being judgemental to someone who does not behave the way that would fit into their box.

Someone who drinks alcohol, smokes, eats meat or eats in an unhealthy way, uses swear words etc. 

Right away would this person or situation be seen as inferior, as „low vibrational“ and therefore closed off towards. 

Have you ever had the experience that you would talk to someone and because they are smoking/drinking/whatever it is that you judge you would not even want to open yourself to truly listen?

I had this experience before. The moment I caught myself in it I could let it go, open up, listen to the other and realize with great humility how much I can learn from anyone. 

But when one is not open in receiving these jewels from life one will never be able to acknowledge that.

How evolved can one be when judging, when separating, when only sticking with one type of people? How much is one missing out on the little gifts that life continuously has to offer to us when we close ourselves off to what is in front of us?

Only because someone might not be in the same vibration or might not be ready yet to give up some addictive patterns does this not mean that the person carries no wisdom, that this person has not had life experiences that thought them growth.

We all walk the path of life in our own pace and we all digest what we learn differently. Every person that we encounter in our life holds something for us. 

But when we judge or put people right away into our little mental boxes will the only thing that we experience be our big egoic sense of superiority which ultimately leads us nowhere. 

We have to remember that all is interwoven and connected. That life is one cosmic play that is created for us to find ourselves and to awaken to this play.

That means that everything we experience in life and everything that we encounter is and will always be part of us, part of our script. 

The moment we think we are better, more evolved, know better is the moment we stop learning and is the moment we disconnect from what life is about. Its the moment we allow the ego to win in its game of separation. 

Take every step in life with openness and with the knowing that it is carved for you. See every person as your equal. Remember that everyone carries the same essence of light that you do, no matter what.

Allow life to live through you and take you on a journey beyond what you could ever imagine. 

Let go and be free. Namaste

About the Author: Asherah Sananda is a modern mystic, transformational guide, medicine woman and a trained energy worker. She as well created an organic clothing line that supports ethical practices. Using her unique abilities and skills she seeks to empower people in opening themselves up towards the realization and embodiment of their true divine nature.

After experiencing the profound inner transformation herself, she fundamentally changed the path of her life’s vision and focus. She devoted herself to the exploration of the human energy field, the latent power of understanding the DNAs potential and as well, the nature of consciousness from a psycho-analytical and supernatural perspective.

Her exploration led to working with various plant medicines from the world’s native cultures and tribes as integral of regular meditation practice to bring healing and understanding of the ego as freedom from the limitations of one’s own shadow.

Asherah dedicates her life towards the evolution of people in remembrance and return to the true Source within.


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