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Chiron The Wounded Healer Turns Retrograde July 10th: Stop Running From Yourself

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by Conscious Reminder

While June saw 6 planets in Retrograde, July is now presenting us the Chiron Retrograde, starting on the 10th. Its journey in the underworld is nothing new for the Wounded Healer.

Pain of Abandonment

At birth, Chiron was abandoned and left to fight alone. Chiron grew up with this abandonment wound, but with time, turned this past pain into portals of healing.

Today it is known as a healer, psychic, teacher, and philosopher, but it was the difficult times Chiron went through that gave it the strength needed. This is why Chiron is still called the wounded healer.

Humans too have their own share of pain and wounds. But we also have the power within us to turn that pain into our strength.

Chiron orbits in the space between Saturn and Uranus. While Saturn emits grounding energy, Uranus is chaotic and on a higher vibration. Chiron here works as the bridge between these opposing states of being. And this bridge is often called the Rainbow Bridge.

Chiron’s bridge links our different states of consciousness, an idea found in Egyptian Astrology. There, Chiron is named as Anubis, the god of lost souls and the afterlife. Anubis was abandoned in his childhood, just like Chiron.

Rising up from his painful life, Anubis became the guardian of the underworld. He had the responsibility of welcoming the newly dead and guiding them in their transition to the afterlife.

When mother Nephthys abandoned baby Anubis, he was hurt and afraid. But Isis, the Great Mother, soon came and picked him up with her rainbow wings. In the same way, when humans feel hurt and abandoned, it is the Great Mother who comes to our aid. She comes to us and shows us the light.

“Anubis is the renewer of souls of the dead. In order to assume this role, it was necessary to release his attachment to his own wounding by moving into forgiveness, love, and a larger understanding of the deeper meaning behind the wounding. Thus, he is transformed into a great healer and a guide for others.”– Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Face Your Reality

When Chiron turns Retrograde in Aries this month, it will give us the time to reflect on our wounds and how we can turn that into our source of healing. Understand how your past has shaped you.

How your wounds have made you the powerful and compassionate person you are today. Find a way to channelize your pain into the light. Grow from those experiences.

Stop sugar-coating your wounds. Those wounds are a part of your soul experience and will lead you to your destiny.

While in Retrograde motion, Chiron will also be aligning with Mars. On 13th July, the two will conjunct. Their energy will be felt not only through July but also in August. This is a great time to think of our past wounds as portals of strength and courage. Look forward to purposeful action that will lead you to a better future.

Exercises for Chiron Retrograde

1. Make a list of the things hurting you the most right now. And note the things that your pain has taught you.

2. Make another list: 20 of your best accomplishments so far. Not just material accomplishments, note your emotional and spiritual wins as well. Go through both the lists to understand how your wounds have helped you in your journey to those accomplishments.

The Chiron Retrograde is here to teach us a lot of things. Instead of running from your reality, see what you can learn from it. Reflect on your journey so far, understand the areas you still need to work on and feel proud of the way you have already used your pain to establish your life. The wounded healer is always there for you.

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