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The Taurus Full Moon Will Give These 3 Zodiac Signs Quite The Rough Time

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by Conscious Reminder

Full moons are always wonderful for astrology enthusiasts. They are regular bursts of energy that boost the signs they fall in, along with affecting the emotional half of all things.

It is hence of the utmost importance to study the signs or constellations they fall in, every month.

Full moons on their own too are known to cause a lot of turmoil and are known, statistically, to be the hub of medical needs arising whenever they occur.

The next full moon occurs exactly four nights from now, on the 24th of October. While in India it is going to be a celebration of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, the full moon might be quite the hickey on the butt for these three zodiac signs and we will get to the details shortly.

Full moons as I had pointed out earlier, are markers of high emotional energies. This makes them very trying time because people tend to end up finding release from emotional tension during full moons. This, more than often, necessitates conflict and/or erratic behavior.

On the 24th, we will see what astrologers have often dubbed the Hunter’s Full Moon. It is going to lie in Taurus and despite the grounding influence of Taurus on the full moon’s energies, it is going to be chaotic because of a third-party player in the house: the sun, which will lie in the sign of Venus and create a dynamic that exacerbates the emotional chaos of the full moon.

This would make it quite the ride, a bad one at that, for these three signs in particular. This is primarily because the fundamental ruling principles of these signs more or less conflict with those of the full moon, which is basically a magnifier to all emotional conflict.

1. Gemini

Gemini is represented by twins facing two ways. This is the sign that is most finicky about decision-making. Yes, because they double check, they more or less always end up with the better deals in the end, but not with this sucker. The full moon’s energies this time might make their double checking falter, thanks to emotional intervention. An old bias might pop up and mess up the deal this time.

Patience is of the essence and so is prudence.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios are known for one thing: passion. That truly makes them some of the greatest artists and actors in the world. But that same passion sometimes ruins their personal lives. They get obsessed with people too easily. And it is not just stalking or whatnot behaviour (things we associate with toxic exes) but also they fail to see the obvious wrongs being carried out on them.

So what do you get, mathematically speaking, when you take obsession and add in some wishful full moons?

I’ll tell you what: malicious intent. This is the kind of psychological matter that makes people go from romantic partner to Porphyria’s lover. You really do not want that.

Again, one medicine for this too: self-control. If you need to take a break from your relentless romance, or what you think to be relentless romance, do it. This might just fix things for you.

3. Aquarius

Aquarians are always fluid. They are mostly noncommittal too, because it is their nature to flow like the water that represents their sign.

When you dam up flowing water, there is always the possibility that it will crack open whatever boundaries you set and overflow.

If you are an Aquarian or a friend to one, you might find episodes of crying and feeling in excess: nothing a big tub of ice cream can’t solve.

Advice here is, do what you really like. If it’s taking some alone time and binge-watching something you really like, do it.

This too shall pass.

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