The Secret To Unlocking Past Lives

Every major world religion has some kind of myth surrounding reincarnation, or rebirth.

Some of the oldest religions like Hinduism and Buddhism of course have a far richer tradition of these tales because for them, time is a full circle, one that always comes back to square one.

The Jatakas and the numerous Puranic stories of Vishnu coming back in different forms are only two of the numerous examples of this phenomenon.

But even Western faiths like Christianity and Islam have tales of reincarnation. It only proves the impact of concepts like reincarnation. They pervade the very fabric of human history, religion and civilisation.

Coming to the topic at hand, there have been numerous accounts of people unlocking the farthest reaches of their memory and remembering things from their past lives.

This is line with the Hindu concept of reincarnation: people obtain life according to the merits of the lives they lead before, i.e. if they were virtuous and lived how nature decreed them to be, they are born as a higher life form than the previous life.

One of the methods many cultures deem suitable for remembering past lives, is something called “self-hypnosis”. This is a technique that is also akin to the Hawaiian healing technique Ho’ponopono.

Lie down. Close your eyes.

Now through the darkness, visualise a beam of light trickling down through to your mind. Now, tell yourself and this light, that lord, you are my saviour. Lead me out of this darkness — to light, to eternal life and to knowledge.

“Tama-so-ma Jyotir-gama-ya”.

Now retrace your path backwards. Think. Let your mind free. Let the soul slip in to its old clothes and sing the song of days gone by.

Listen to the song and understand.

Every birth has its own tale to tell. There are lessons in every vision this white light shows you. Leave not this white light.

After you believe that you have seen enough, thank the light that held you safe. Open your eyes to the world.

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