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A True Spiritual Master Possesses These 8 Traits

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Throughout life, every person is going to be traveling down on their spiritual path, and it will be an individual and unique journey which is ultimately going to reveal their best and most authentic self.

Two separate journeys can never identical, and every person moves to his or her pace, which will sometimes make it hard for them to realize where they are while searching for their spiritual awakening.

We look at Spiritual Masters as examples on those journeys, as they discover the real peace, as well as understanding which just enlightenment can give us.

How to know when we encountered a real Spiritual Master? Take a look at the following eight signs:

1. Spiritual Masters are naturally talented teachers

Actually, there are people in this world who have been sent to this planet with some specific purposes, such as teaching other people when they encounter them. This does not mean teaching grammar or math, but teaching significant lessons about life, sharing some truths which they keep profoundly in the heart, as well as helping to guide and mentor other people on spiritual journeys.

2. Integrity, integrity, integrity

The biggest failing of this society is the failure of people to stand right to their beliefs and morals in hard times. However, with Spiritual Masters, this is not the case, as they achieved their spiritual mastery and in that way understand that what they say is valuable. Also, when something does not correspond to their values and morals, they will not entertain that idea. The soul and heart of these people guide every single thing they actually do.

3. Spiritual Masters respond to challenges and emotions, they don’t react

The heightened levels of emotional intelligence come with spiritual understandings. It is an ability which every one of us may want to have in our life because it will help us in avoiding difficulties, but it takes self-understanding, as well as excellent inner peace. We should be able to face challenges and intense feelings and emotions in some simple and non-reactive manner. Spiritual Masters remain calm and take care and responsibility for their personal experiences and responses.

4. They feel gratitude and respect for nature

These people understand that every single thing on the planet is connected. Instead of seeing that the population of humans is more important or better, they actually see every single thing equally and worth the respect. Because of that, they try not to have some adverse effects on the world of nature surrounding them.

5. Spiritual Masters are embodiment of love

Every single day, their heart is their guide on the way. They do not direct their empathy or compassion only to the closest friends or the ones they love, but to everyone else they encounter on their way, respecting and loving all the living beings they meet.

6. Spiritual Masters are authentic to the bone

Because it sometimes requires some vulnerability, a lot of people escape from being completely authentic. However, Spiritual masters never put some masks or create some images in order to hide what they really are. Instead, these people will simply realize that growing and evolving depends on accepting and embracing their real self.

7. They don’t judge

Sometimes, it is not an easy task to wrap the mind of someone around in this world which is full of that, but surely, there are some people who do not look at the appearance, speaking skills of a language or the price of the clothing of a person when they come in contact with him for the first time. They see everything with loving and open heart, as well as soul, without judging the person standing in front of them.

8. Spiritual Masters bond, they don’t attach. 

Actually, this is the sign which is apparently going to stand out in this society which is obsessed with fortune and fame. Spiritual Masters know that their life is a lot more than the car which they possess, how beautiful they are or how much money they have. Being free from that, they have the ability to focus the attention on things which have a real value.

This is for sure a better advanced and strange way of life, and it can be odd in today’s world. However, Spiritual Masters are not bothered about that at all, despite that they don’t really fit in it.

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