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How Can You & Your Soul Mate Achieve 5D Vibrational Level

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by Conscious Reminder

The 5th dimension vibrational frequency is the ultimate thing that you can feel with your partner.

Many times you may be on a different dimension than your boyfriend. Either she can be on the lower one or he can.

We are currently living in a three-dimensional world. Some people take time to adjust to a new dimension and move onto the next higher one.

Taking things slow is very good but you need to face the reality of the situation before you move to the next dimension.

In order to reach the 5D level, you have to move your path through the 4D level.

Getting into the 4D is very tricky as it opens us up to a lot of emotions. This happens just so that we can make our heart stronger before we reach 5D.

This stage prepares our energy fields with love, wholesomeness, and oneness with the soul.

This helps you to get in touch with the innermost part of your heart and then prepare yourself to enter 5D. 5D is the most spiritually enlightened level with ignites that fire with your twin flame.

Establishing connections with your higher self and higher consciousness

Your higher self is the most charismatic of all. It almost carries an energetic blueprint which enlightens our lives. This contains the highest secrets of a spiritually enlightened path.

It helps us to find the deeper meanings and also the purpose that we need to serve in your lives. If you can connect with your higher self and higher consciousness then it means that you are well aligned with the purpose of your life.

You know your potential, your capabilities and the right path down the road. In order for this to work, you should allow yourself to release all the anger, the frustration that has been piling up for a long time.

Letting things go always help you to move further in life and avoid complications.

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