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Relationships Should Be Real, Not Perfect

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

For quite a long time now, society has ingrained the idea of a perfect relationship in our minds. And this has made us skeptical.

We now tend to run at the first sign of trouble. We run towards an unachievable idea which is nothing but an illusion. It has no basis in reality.

What is even perfect in this imperfect world? Be it relationships, professional lives, or any path in life we choose, perfection is the illusion which we think should be our ideal.

That is how we are conditioned. But we fail to realize that it is an absolutely unattainable standard. What is the use of striving towards an illusionary goal that won’t even satisfy us in the end?

And let’s not forget, the standards of perfection are different in each of our own dictionaries.

Let’s Be Real

Humans need reality. Real emotions, real feelings, real love. Not perfect love. What would be perfect in a relationship where you have your own set beliefs of a perfect relationship while your partner has different ideas of perfection?

By real we mean substance. Tears, smiles, ups, and down – genuine emotions and their genuine and free expression makes your relationship real. Rough patches can take place.

And they can even end up breaking the relationship. But you must remember that nothing can be perfect. If it was real, that’s all you must be grateful for.

Evolve With The Challenges

Without movement and growth, bodies are considered dead. So would you prefer a static relationship where neither of you can grow and are in some artificial bliss forever?

It is only when you two can work through your challenges and mature from those experiences, that your relationship can strengthen and stand tall.

You must be vulnerable to faults and let your partner show you better. Let your passions speak. Docility will not give your relationship the chance to grow.

Feel Alive

We often fear that we will mess up our relationship by being authentic. We tend to get monotonous and docile.

The fear of losing out altogether makes us be comfortable in the inauthenticity of the relationship. Such a relationship will not allow you to be passionate or adventurous. You won’t feel alive unless you are authentic.

Why Do Humans Even Seek A Perfect Match?

It is ingrained in us from a young age that only perfection should make us happy. We all feel like we deserve the best and the perfect partner, but that is no striving measure in reality.

Seek someone who understands that ‘perfection’ can be strived for but never achieved. Being genuine and vulnerable is what counts.

Striving for perfection should only mean that both of you work through all your ups and downs and overcome your shortcomings together. That is how you two can grow.

That is how the relationship can grow. Forget the ideals and work on your reality. Both of you will be happier.

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