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The Spiritual Meaning Of May’s Full Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse

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by Conscious Reminder

The season of the eclipse is always a turmoil and has a massive tendency to bring in huge shifts in your life. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in May 2022 will not be an exception either.

This month will climax your emotions and get rid of everything that you leave behind.

This Eclipse is also known as the Flower Moon as it reminds you of a transformation that goes from seed to bloom.

Full Moons are known for ushering in a great surge of tension and heightened energies. The Full Moon in May is also the lunar eclipse so it adds to the intensity of its climax.

Astrology associates lunar eclipses with major changes and this one are all about you facing the truths, that lie under the surface.

You must align yourself with the energy of the full moon and prepare for the things that are about to happen.

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Flower Moon

The Full Moons in May have been nicknamed the Flower Moon as the month sees an abundance of blooming flowers. It also marks the peak of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere. The spiritual nickname is also fitting as it is full of possibilities and transformative growth.

The Full Moon is brimming with potential. It also carries some issues of control, secrecy, and power as it takes place in the deep sign of Scorpio. The meaning of this is that you must look beneath the surface of your life and face all the things that are hidden in the shadows. You need to be ready to face the skeletons in your closet and acknowledge your feelings.

The Moon and Sun will also add some more drama into the mix and will help you realign your fate and prepare you for a new chapter in your life.

The Mercury retrograde will also be in full swing so you would have to be more thoughtful and cautious.

Jupiter is also moving into Aries and will be perfectly aligned during the full moon. This is the exact point where your potential will burst into the scene and you will be able to go on exciting journeys.

How Can You Work With The Full Flower Moon’s Energy

This might be the second eclipse, annually, but is the first lunar eclipse. You need to sit back and watch what the Universe has kept in store, especially for you.

Full Moons are optimal times where you can practice your release rituals, however, you need to halt any moon ceremonies as the eclipse is also present.

Eclipses are famous for the chaos that they bring in due to rapid growth and sudden changes. So, do not focus on your personal intentions instead open your soul to whatever the Universe offers.

You need to keep the trust that whatever you have shed in this event is making space for elements that are more aligned with your well-being.

Just like we get rid of weeds to make room for beautiful flowers, the Full Flower Eclipse is also motivating you to get rid of your traumatic emotions and face your inner demons. You must be present during these shifts so that you can experience a beautiful blossom. 

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