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Buckle Up: Mercury Starts Moving Retrograde Today, And Things Are Heating Up

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by Conscious Reminder

On July 26 at 23° Leo Mercury Retrograde 2018 starts and ends on August 19 at 11° Leo. Mercury Retrograde 2018 may be a very bad time for some people. There will be a lot of unexpected changes that will make you unhappy.

Mercury Retrograde does not have any fixed star conjunctions. However, there will be a T-square pattern between the Sun, Mars, and Uranus on that day which might worsen misunderstandings, mechanical failures and communications which are the usual problems of Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde will increase the risk of conflicts, fights, and arguments. People must be ready for unexpected turns in their life. They must think twice before acting. Their actions should be very reasonable because a small misunderstanding will be enough to start a mammoth conflict. During the period of Mercury Retrograde, it is better to stay versatile and open-minded.

On July 7, 2018, Mercury enters the Retrograde zone at 11°31′ Leo. The first shadow period is referred to as Mercury stationary Retrograde. In this time people will have a brief idea about the problems that they might face with regards to transportation and communication.

On July 26, 2018, Mercury stationary Retrograde will occur at 23°27′ Leo. Mercury Retrograde 2018 will be the same as transiting Mercury Retrograde because within the two degrees of Mercury there are no fixed stars either.

When the Sun is opposite Mars the level of assertiveness in a person increases as far as achieving his goals are concerned. You should be very subtle with what you do and you should not make decisions without thinking twice.

Others might try to push you out of the game if you are one of those people who remain quiet or are very submissive in nature. When you are in an argument you should be very bold and confident.

You should always stick to the facts that you know and not let others influence you. Excessive physical hard work or even sexual activities may help you to channelize all the aggression.

When the Sun squares Uranus, it is time for you to become very agile and have a broad and modern outlook towards life. You should always trust your instincts. If you allow nervousness to pile up, then the consequences will be bad.

This can lead to abruptness, unpredictable behaviors and even accidents. This also may not be the best time to experiment with things. If you do not have the confidence that you can fix a particular thing then you must show it to a professional and not try to fix it on your own. You should not allow Mercury Retrograde to get the better of you.

When Mars squares Uranus then you really need to get a hold of yourself. This time period augments the urge to break free from all the norms and regulations. You may become very violent and act irrationally.

Such erratic energy cannot be contained and you must get it all out but in a very safe environment so that you do not end up hurting the people whom you love and care about. Whenever you are in a bad situation you should calm yourself down by taking a few deep breaths and you must avoid taking risks and actions that are not thoroughly planned.

Mercury Retrograde 2018 Dates

  • December 3 to 22, 2017 – 13° to 29° Sagittarius
  • March 22 to April 15, 2018 – 4° to 16° Aries
  • July 26 to August 18, 2018 – 11° to 23° Leo
  • November 16 to December 6, 2018 – 27° Scorpio to 13° Sagittarius

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