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7 Useful Rituals That Won’t Take More Than 5 Minutes Of Your Time

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by Conscious Reminder

There are a lot of people who love rituals, and they saw how some small shifts created significant impacts.

Such rituals may offer you a way ahead and also help you in the creation of what you want more, such as laughter, rest, health, creativity, healing, or a lot more. You can make changes just for several minutes during the day.

One small action may have huge consequences. Spending five minutes thoughtfully may change the upholding of your whole day or week.

We will present you several rituals which you can practice in your life. They are the following:

1. Lie in your bed for an additional 5 minutes, and be thankful.

This is an excellent ritual because it is going to allow you to be in your bed for an additional 5 minutes in the morning. Right after you wake up, you should not jump out of your bed immediately. Just lay for a little bit and realize that you woke up to another new day and that it will be full of opportunities. Spend those minutes in gratefulness for everything you have, and remember how lucky you are, also saying thanks to the Universe which blessed you with that luck.

2. Sit calmly, quietly, still, meditating, or praying.

This may sound easy to you, but remember that stopping with something you do and being where you are is not always that easy. However, it will be like that until you practice it. Setting aside about 5 minutes during the day for sitting quietly, closing your eyes and simply breathe will immediately reset your system and even reconnect you with your truest and highest self for the second time.

3. Make a cup of tea for yourself.

There are people who love starting their day with tea. This is going to allow you to take it easy and enjoy right where you are. It will be an excellent time to spend some time in solitude, or journal, and send some love to those that you care about. You can also read, pray, or even reflect and set your intentions for this day while drinking tea.

4. Light incense or candle.

This is another excellent ritual you can practice, when you wake up or before you go to bed. You can light the incense stick and the candle simultaneously. You can also say some prayer or be thankful for this day that passed.

5. Read only one page from some book every day.

There are the ones who like to read more, but for those that don’t have much time, one page before sleep will be excellent. You will feel enormous relief. You will feel like you are reconnecting to things you love, without expectations and pressure.

6. Walk for a short time.

A lot of people adore this ritual, and it can last for more than just 5 minutes; however that is not necessary. Walking outside and breathing fresh air is going to shift your energies completely. Also, it may help you in reconnecting with your own self.

7. Ask yourself what you really need before sleep.

Everything you feel you need, you should ask your angels, guides or guardians to deliver that thing in your sleep. You can ask for some comfort, clarity, or to be presented with everything you want to be shown.

Practicing such rituals is going to make you realize that some of the smallest and simplest actions can make a huge difference in your life.

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