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Get Ready For Today’s Leo Full Moon Powerful Fiery Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

Full Moons brings dramas and emotions to their climaxes so as to release them.

The 2022 Full Moon in Leo is expected to be a memorable time. It has propulsive influences, sudden twists in the plot, and an indication that a lot more is approaching.

Leo, as a sign, is lively and energetic. It enjoys the limelight and is particularly talented at seeking out attention. Some other talents of Leo are confidence, flair, and self-expression. Leo covers drama queens, queen bees, petulant toddlers, children, as well as royalty.

A Full Moon in Leo inspires our inner creative light and encourages us to be more expressive. It then makes this mental state confront a larger picture, forcing us to search for a place in a group.

A Sudden And Exaggerated Event

Be on the lookout for themes regarding un-appreciation, undervaluation, and just generally being ignored. They will power the release accompanying the fullness.

If you have been giving it all you have got, then this Moon will encourage you to put distance from everyone who has been inattentive towards you or dismissive of you.

There may be sudden and over-exaggerated departures. Releases can have the same nature too. Self-expression that screams at the world to look at you can happen. Everything that may take place during this lunation can be sudden and over-exaggerated.

The reason is that this lunation is answering to the Sun in Aquarius. The Sun in Aquarius is being ruled by volatile and ever-changing Uranus. Uranus is also forming a sextile with Jupiter, who always encourages going bigger.

This link between Uranus and Jupiter creates exaggerated and sudden developments. It makes the moon feel electric and that anything can happen. Insightful flashes can escalate farewells, releases, dramas, and attention-seeking tactics.

It is a catalytic effect but we have a choice since it is a sextile. Whether we act out the link’s potentials will be ours to decide. Moreover, the sextile also brings other compulsory and propulsive influences. The most notable of them is the aspect between the Moon and secret-keeper Pluto.

The Relation With Pluto

This lunation and Pluto form an inconjunct, while it forms a semi-sextile with the Sun in Aquarius. We are moving past, processing, and reacting to intense realizations and revelations that have been surfacing since December. They have been the springboard for a lot of our present happenings.

As such, emotional outburst must get adjusted since it faces greater forces and inevitability. Our friendships are also showing growing pains. It has become impossible to maintain the status quo. Anything we find uncomfortable keeps nagging at us until we confront it.

But by now, we are determined. We are certain of our desires and have committed to them. That certainty was the gift from Venus and Mercury’s recent retrogrades.

Since December, we have been busy assessing values, relationships, and more and judging their durability and worth.

Now, during this lunation, Mars and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn. As such, desire and the want to make it happen have been fused together.

The two planets will carry on journeying together till March. This conjunction gives the Leo Full Moon a certainty. It gives us an unshakeable knowledge of our goals and to reach them.

But, this Full Moon is part of a bigger process. Starting in Oct 2021 and lasting April 2022, all Full Moons rose at 27 degrees.

All of them have an aspect to Pluto as well. It is difficult to notice the details during an ongoing process. However, be attentive nevertheless. When May comes, you might see the emotional journey you took during this 7-month period. 

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