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What Do My Spirit Guides Mean?

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By Missy Marston via Dream Catcher Reality

On my day off, I had been driving in my car for what seemed like all day. I was frustrated with the drivers, the layout of the roads – everything and anything. When I finally got in my car one last time to visit a friend, I simply wanted to be there already.

So, of course, I forgot my phone at home and had to turn around, hit every red light leading to the highway, and automatically started driving towards my job – the opposite direction.

At first I started to get angry – why couldn’t I just have a normal drive like a normal person? Why is it taking me so long to get there? Are my guides telling me I’m doing something completely off my path?

Instead of getting angry I started to break down what was going on and why I was becoming so frustrated – there was no real rush for me to get there other than my own impatience. Shouldn’t I just enjoy the drive, the music, the sky?


My guides were trying to tell me to slow down and chill – you’re rushing for no reason and you’re missing everything around you. I took a slow, deep breath, found a good song on the radio, and got back on track.

Now, this is a very obvious, right-in-my-face sign from my guides, and I immediately interpreted it at its face value – going the wrong way to my destination was a sign I was on the wrong path in life, right?

I didn’t feel like I was on the wrong path at all, but it seemed like such an obvious interpretation. I started to think about all the times me being in a rush made my arrival time way later than if I had just gone with the flow, and I realized my guides were cracking down on my impatience with driving (ha!).

I realized this and took it into account, thanking my spirit guides for their observation and interference. The next day my friend and I went on a short road trip and absolutely everything ran smoothly – we even left right before a huge storm and were able to marvel at it, and the opposing gorgeous sunset, as we drove away.

Does your interpretation make sense?

When you receive a sign, don’t just take it at its face value. You should consider its face value and see if it makes sense to you in that way, but you should always try and look deeper into the meaning behind it.

If you hear a door slam in your bedroom, you could interpret it as you shutting doors that need to be open, or as problems in your relationship. A closing door can mean something else entirely at that moment depending what’s going on in your life.

For most of your guides, their main job is to keep you on your life path and let you know when you stray from it or if you’re on it. A wonderful sign of being on the right path is flow. Everything seems to happen naturally and peacefully.

When you encounter a problem, the solution is already on the tip of your tongue. Everything seems fluid and easy, and you learn from each hiccup and move on. You will begin to see synchronicities all the time in your daily life, from repeating numbers to thinking about someone and seeing them that same day.

If you have always wanted to open a restaurant, you will start to see ways to accomplish this – like meeting a potential investor or partner, seeing buildings for sale that fit your criteria, etc. These are signs from your guides letting you know that they are opening a path for you if you would only take it.

Ask for clarification from your Spirit Guides

You know how in tarot and oracle cards you can pick another card to clarify one that’s confusing to you? The same can be said of messages from your guides.

If you find a feather on the stoop of your back porch and feel that it was a message in some way, you can simply ask your guides to clarify what this means through another, maybe less subtle, message in another way.

For example, I was switching through radio stations and heard a song that seemed to speak to me. I had never heard it, even though I listen to that station often and they usually play the same, old music.

While listening, I kept asking my little sister (who is one of my guides) is it was her playing it for me – the message seemed like something she would say. After the song ended commercials came on, so I switched the channel and sure enough our song was just starting to play.

It was her way of getting a message to me and confirming that it was, indeed, a message. Your guides are here to help; they will never become frustrated at you for not understanding or needing more guidance.

Make your own symbols!

If you need validation that what is happening is not simply coincidence, create a symbol for your spirit guides to use when they’re trying to tell you something.

You can even write them down for reference if you want! For example, tell your guides to send you a specific bird, or flower, or word, etc. when they want to tell you you’re on the right path.

Don’t forget that they can send these signs through any platform, so if you picked a rose as your symbol with them, it could be on a sign, you could hear someone talking about roses as you pass them, you could read about roses in a book, etc.

Always use your intuition to know whether or not it’s a sign, but it most likely is. My sign is repetitive numbers. When I notice I look at the clock one minute past 5:55, I know something is up. When I look at the clock and see 3:33 or 4:44 or whatever, I know that I’m on my right path.

Your guides are always talking to you, sending you signs, and working with your higher self, so remember to send them, and the universe, gratitude whenever you can. Love and light to you all!

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