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How Your Zodiac Sign Relates To Seasons

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by Conscious Reminder

Every constellation has a month-long time duration during which the Sun aligns itself to it. This correlates to the zodiac signs as well too; every sign has a particular month long period in the Sun during which the Sun’s energy boosts their natural characteristics.

This period is known as the Solar Season.

The Sun’s effect is particularly pronounced during this Solar Season in the sense that it naturally has some influence on the feelings of the individual. For example, the wary Aries is known to become even more competitive during such Solar Seasons and the materialistic, target-driven Taurus is known to crave for a smoother path to success and more material possessions.

The readings are similar for people of both hemispheres. The signs remain constant throughout, as in a Leo is proud in the North Pole and the Sahara desert, while a Cancer will risk his life for his beloved be it on a cliff or in the sea.

The seasonal correlations for all the signs are given as follows:



Nature always has had a thing for summer. Every animal waits for summer’s nurturing beauty to give birth and care for their families. Especially in colder regions, animals like the reindeer, polar bears and penguins wait for summer to go forage for food for their younglings. This nurturing mothering aspect is seen in all Cancers too. You can never find a life-partner as good as a Cancer.


Embodies the more sultry summer vibes of nature. Their pride and ego burn hotter than the sunlight they come from. So does their regal demeanor too to be honest.


They are the responsible and dutiful ones because they fall on the cusp between the autumnal winds and the joys of summer. They are always trying to arrange things into better spaces and trying to save up for something they do not even know about. It is just the way they are. This seasonality also makes them perfectionists.



They are always looking for a balance between the browns and the colours of life, between the times of thrift and times of spending. And they are always looking for co-operative states of affairs. This is because they understand that unless people work together in tandem and in balance, things never work together.


They symbolise the rise of the nocturnal and hardy creatures that survive better the whimsical vagaries of autumn, when resources and warmth are really scarce. Their no-nonsense attitude is also a proof of this. Scorpios take what they want and leave, no questions answered.


They too are no-nonsense people; even more so, because they are really emotionless, devoid of emotional attachments and purely self-driven. They will never hesitate to sacrifice family and love for freedom of self. They are more often than not the worst romantic partners one can wish for.



They are always the ones who hide and bide their time while the snow falls and the winds are sharp. Hence, their reclusive and solitary habits.


Aquarians are all about transitions, from one state to the other. They are the ones who herald the imagination and creativity of spring into the world, after the storms of winter blow over.


Mark the fulfillment of the transition started by Aquarius, the completion of the change; the caterpillar pupating.



This is spring at its brightest and its ruthless best. They are like mantises who chew their mates’ heads off because their utility has been disposed of.


They are the busy bees, who work, work and work some more in order to harvest more and more returns. They hoard because they understand that hunger hits harder when people aren’t prepared.


They are the ones who think the most, because they need to keep preparations up for themselves, being born between the cusp of summer and spring, at a time when they should be enjoying themselves, but also preparing for the roughest of winters.

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