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Love Directions For Your Sun Sign This April

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by Conscious Reminder

The time for personal growth is here. We should put effort into those relationships which really matter: the ones with ourselves, and the ones with those people that are really kind to us.

We should not water something which is already dead. We might need to re-root ourselves, but that only means it is our opportunity to bloom better and more prominent.

Here is the love advice for each of the Zodiac signs:


The month of April is about heart matters. If the people born under Aries wait for a relationship, they should ensure that they know what they need or want. For those that are already in a relationship, they should ensure their partner knows their needs. They should remember that their heart really matters.


This is the time for the people born under Taurus to grow. They have to remember to put themselves first so that they can bloom. They should give themselves some water, together with time, in order to rest. In fact, this will be the time when they should show more love towards themselves instead of those around them.


The people born under the sign of Gemini should think about the things that matter to them, and if they want a relationship. Maybe their independence will be the most appropriate thing for them now. During this month, some things will probably not be full of love, but that is okay. They should take the opportunity about handling life realities instead of fantasy of relationships.


The people born under the sign of Cancer should work on their confidence, as they will probably realize that standing aside should stop now. They would like to try hard for attention as it means relationships. In fact, this will be their period for transformations. A relationship improvement or potential partner is on their horizon.


The people born under this sign should shift their perspectives on how they work in their relationships. They cannot simply run with their confidence. They need to offer something more. They should try better, and focus their attention on the special person in their life.


In order to make the things “perfect,” Virgos have to make specific changes in order to get themselves there. If they are in bad relationships, they should end them now. If they are unhappy, single, and desperate, when it comes to love, they should love themselves instead.


The people born under Libra probably try really hard, so that is why they aren’t getting the attention and love they strive for. They should probably give themselves some attention and love instead. They should also shift their attention to old projects or creativity.


Scorpios should ask themselves if they want to love or not. Lately, they have their potential partner on their mind, and that distracts them from their work. However, maybe that is not something bad at all. The potential partner may inspire them for their work, but just if they let him or her in their life. They know they want to.


The people born under Sagittarius might walk in certain romantic or sexual energy, so it is going to be powerful. Regardless of what heads in their direction, it will make them feel like they have fun or get shit done – they should remember to embrace every good feeling they feel and let themselves have fun.


During April, the people born under Capricorn may face many obstacles. They should not lose their momentum, but they should keep going ahead. They should not let anyone manipulate them or ask for the second chance. Momentum will be their only way of thriving.


For Aquarians, the things might unexpectedly change, but for good. They are on their journey, and they will probably find themselves with someone that can help them, in a certain way and somehow. They should keep their eyes open, when it comes to love, as love is on the way to come. Such emotional ties will be good for them.


For Pisces, this will probably be the time to rekindle certain things with someone. It can be old flames, for example. They feel in better touch with their emotions, which means that they may be prepared for something more serious. They should be honest about their feelings. Their feeling is going to last, but just if they let them.

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