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The 5 Phases That Every Twin Flame Couple Goes Through

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by Conscious Reminder

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” -William Shakespeare

The common misconception about twin flames is that they live the fairytale romance of their dreams without any hurdles whatsoever. Guess what? Relationships of any sort need sustained effort and a lot of patience.

What are twin flames?

There is a fine line separating twin flames from soulmates. According to Thought Catalog, “Soulmates, are our perfect matches (or our spiritual family)” whereas “twin flames are our perfect mirrors. Relationships with twin flames tend to be on-again-off-again, intensely passionate, and sometimes intensely painful. Twin flames help us awaken like nobody else, and they ultimately serve to show us who we really are.”

Having been separated from each other for ages, the twin flames gather a lot of emotional baggage. The burden takes time to lighten and the process isn’t a cakewalk. However, love will lead you to salvation. All relationships are unique but these are a few phases that all twin flames go through:

1. The Preparation Phase

There are experiences that leave you drained and you do not know why. You may love someone deeply and passionately but end up getting hurt. The relationship ends in tremendous pain and with absolute lack of hope. This is what is called a Karmic Relationship. Series of failed relationships will leave you craving for “the one”. You will not want a relationship that doesn’t add meaning to your life, you will picture your perfect partner and you will have a gut feeling of accomplishing your dreams. It is during this phase that your soul prepares you for meeting your twin flame.

2. Meeting Your Flame

By this time you have successfully built walls around yourself and will do anything to not let anyone in. It is precisely at that moment you’ll meet your twin flame. You will inevitably fall for him or her as you are connected from your previous incarnation and experience perfect bliss for some time. You have already imagined how you’ll meet your “the one” and it will be nothing like it at all. It will be sudden but you’ll feel special. In no time you’ll be drawn to your twin flame but won’t be ready for the next step – a relationship.

With time you fall in love hopelessly and experience the most ‘Perfect’ relationship ever. Once the magnetic attraction takes a back seat, you’ll realize you are in love and the person will seem flawless. You’ll rejoice in the equilibrium you both share.

You will realize what heaven feels like and be the best version of yourself. You’ll know what you share is precious and you’ll be ready to fight for your love. You both will fit like missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle as all the memories of past lives will come back to you eventually.

3. The Dance Phase

You know what they say about things going too well for too long? The bubble bursts. This is the most difficult phase for the twin flames as all their flaws come to the surface. There will be disagreements at every step and eventually you’ll question your initial bliss. Pause. Take a good look at your journey together. Notice how you pull each other up on your spiritual quest and discover new things that will help you later in life. There will be major fights because all the negative emotions resurface slowly and you think the problem lies in your partner, when really it is about you.

This phase will be challenging as the blame game will drain you. All the insecurities and fears will resurface. It is an inevitable process if you wish to cleanse your spirit. It is actually beneficial in the long run.

There is a split between the ‘chaser’ and the ‘runner’. On the one hand the chaser wants to take a break and settle things for the future but on the other hand the runner isn’t willing to give him/ her the required time.

4. The Final Reunion

In this phase, you both are aware of each others’ shortcomings and will be willing to accept each other completely. This phase is usually characterized by marriage, if that is the ultimate definition of union for you both.

5. Everlasting Love

Then follows the “happily ever after” phase where you face life together as a team. Your bond is rock solid as the foundation is tried and tested. It is a perfect partnership.

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