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6 Types Of Synchronistic Connections: There Is A Reason For Every Person We Meet

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by Conscious Reminder

Nothing in this universe happens by chance. There is always a higher purpose behind every little thing that happens to us and we must never forget this.

All our experiences take us one step forward to the place we are meant to go to. When we meet the people who give us the knowledge we need or something occurs that shows us the light, we are experiencing synchronicity.

6 types of synchronistic connections:

1. Those who come to remind you

Sometimes the answers we’re looking for are within us and in our hour of need, we’ll meet people who will show us where to look. They might stay in your life for only a brief moment but they will be unforgettable.

2. Those who make you grow

There will be people who come to us to offer guidance and mentorship. They’ll offer you the support you need in order to become the best version of you that you can be. They’ll help you understand your true self.

3. Those who are here to stay

We can rest assured that these people will always be in our lives. You’ll meet them when you need their assistance and they will come to stay. Your connection will be unbreakable and you will experience a lot together.

4. Those who come to awaken you

Everyone needs a good, hard dose of reality from time to time and these are the people who will give you that. You might not like what they will show you but it is essential to listen to them if you wish to grow.

5. Those who hold space for you

You won’t actually get to know these people. You’ll encounter them by chance, maybe a two minute conversation or just an exchange of smiles, but the moment will stay with you forever.

6. Those who are meant to leave

There are people who don’t intend to be around forever. You meet them when you need the wisdom they can teach you and it might cause you a lot of heartache to part with them but this is what the universe knows you need.

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