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Tonight’s Powerful Flower Supermoon Will Push Everyone Into Emotional Overdrive

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by Conscious Reminder

Tonight, May 7th, the Full Flower Supermoon will rise in the sign of Scorpio. Also known as the Hare Moon, Corn Planting Moon, Milk Moon, and the Flower Moon; it will generate compassion and healing powers in you.

Get ready because this Scorpio Full Moon is the third in a row and last Supermoon for the year 2020. Under the influence of this Scorpio Full Moon, our Earth will be ripe enough to breed any physical or spiritual seeds.

This Full Flower Moon will evoke feelings of empathy in us, making us more understanding and sensitive to the problems of our dear ones. Most important of all, the seeds we sow now will lead us out of these dark tunes and into a brighter and better future.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Even in these distressing times, we need to remember that, as we lock ourselves up in our homes and reduce our commercial activities, the amount of pollution gets decreased.

Mother Earth has finally gotten the time to heal. This is why we need to understand the necessity of this break and respect Mother Earth’s need to heal.

The ongoing pandemic is malicious energy that all of us are collectively fighting, so please follow all the precautionary measures. This is a fight for us all, and the Scorpio Full Moon will fight along with us, by sending us the energy to understand, accept, and heal.

This is the time for all the Lightworkers to come together and guide each other in finding the path to higher spiritual ground. Help each other out in this time of crisis, and the good karma is bound to return to you soon.

Under the Full Flower Moon, the time is also ripe to reconcile with the fact that things have irreversibly changed.

Because of the large scale of this pandemic, the shattered pieces of the world are not going to fall into place exactly as they were before. Things have changed, and we need to accept that so that we can move ahead stronger.

Mother Nature is nurturing, but sometimes she can also be a disciplinarian. What we need to understand is that in our modern world, we seem to have lost our way and lost our connection to our roots. This pandemic can be seen as a lesson that Mother Nature is trying to teach us.

We need to accept the faults of humankind and work on being better, as a collective conscience. We are all children of this Earth, and time has come to listen to our Mother. She might seem harsh right now, but she is also offering us the chance to change for the better.

This is a great time to tend to your backyard garden or the garden that is your life. Surround yourself with flora, make a flower headband, or just put some flowers around your house.

The Scorpio Full Moon’s energy will be extremely powerful during the night. The perfect way to feel connected is to light a candle and tell your wishes to the Full Flower Moon. This way, you will direct your energies into the correct direction, and it will help you recharge your spiritual being.

A ritual to follow under the Full Moon’s shine is just to take a stroll under it. You don’t have to get out of your house at night to feel connected with Mother Earth and the Full Moon. You can do it during the day too, as they will be present and watching over you. Just remember what your intentions are.

This is the time for you to focus on your personal life and the life of the world as a collective. The coming 28 days will provide you with recharged energies to grow,, and become a better version of yourself. You will get the chance to start over.

Accept what has happened and reflect on what you need to do. Take a deep breath and let the healing happen with the Full Flower Moon.

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