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August Astrology Forecast: Heightened Emotions

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

This month and the last have been a roller coaster in terms of astrological predicaments.

There have been several new changes, most of it could be assigned to the eclipses and retrogrades that July brought forth, and also the Blood Moon phenomenon, that had led to a significant change in the energy cycles of all things living.

It is also not impudent to mention, that due to the incurring phenomena, people who had previously discarded the concept or notion of astrology as something dubious, have been forced to eat their own words. July had started the show, and August would lead it to its grand finale.

The after effects of the Mars retrograde and the Blood Moon can still be felt as move into August, with most of us clearing our heads from the onslaught that it faced. But, we also need to keep in mind that this effect would actually build us as greater humans, due to the innate consciousness that comes with it.

Events like the Lionsgate Portal which opened up; leading to a huge influx of divine energy to flow through every pore in our body, along with the infusion of Mars has greatly been of help.

Mars is a warrior, according to Roman myths, and this would help us overcome obstacles and every problem that comes in our path, by sheer force of will. Nothing would ever stop us in our way, for Mars would destroy it in its path.

“If there is any anger or frustration buried underneath the surface, the first week of August may lead you to get things off your chest. Even though it can be tempting, it is best to practice patience and to really think it through if you are planning on confronting someone or taking action on something.”

Uranus would be the sixth planet to go retrograde, and this would be a hot topic again, for July has been all about retrogrades. This would bring greater insights and wisdom into our life, and would be a sign from the Universe that times are changing and we would have to choose our own destiny.

The mere fact that Uranus would go retrograde, and the Lionsgate portal would open too, would signify that a change would be down the horizon, and we need to be aware of it.

The mid of August would see Mercury turning direct after being retrograde, on August 18-19. This might speed up the process of change, but due to the other planets that are still in a position of retrograde, it wouldn’t be of much use, until later.

It is on August 27th, that a real spike of energy would be felt after Mars stops being retrograde and becomes direct for the first time since June.

It might take some time revving up to work afresh, but when it does, tremendous amounts of energy and action would be all over us, and we would feel it lingering in the air we breathe, and the water we drink.

This would begin from September, which would be a perfect time to feel completely energized. The advent of autumn would do good with humanity getting refreshed.

Mars would not turn direct until the Pisces Full Moon, which would be the most beautiful Full Moon of the year, which brings forth wonderful, and positive energies throughout the world which we would enjoy to the most extreme.

In conclusion, it isn’t wrong to state that while August would see the aftereffects of everything that July hosted, with being sluggish, and lethargic, but as we would move into welcome a new month, these aftereffects would be negated, and we would finally get to reap the fruit that we sowed.

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