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Powerful Shift Of Energies – The Equinox Gateway

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by Conscious Reminder

A couple days back, the equinox’s energy began to pour into the earth. Interestingly, it can arrive more than a week before the actual equinox which is tomorrow and last for more than a week after that. 

As the gateway opens, we can feel it because we’ll feel hungry like never before and our dreams will be vivid and realistic. We will also feel blissful at times. These are just some of the indications that the gateway is opening. 

Quite a few people will be experiencing the most realistic dreams of their lives and will be able to move to the astral plane. An indication that timelines are changing and powerful energy is moving towards us, these dreams cannot be missed because they are so profound. 

All the recent natural disasters we’ve faced this year are just signs that timelines are clashing with each other. These disasters working together can bring about previously unheard timelines as well. Have you noticed that these calamities occur simultaneously? This indicates that previous timelines are imploding and there’s a lot of energy yearning to be set free. 

However this is not actually a bad thing. It just means that fresh timelines are coming into the picture. 

Libra In The Equinox – A Balancing Act

This Equinox takes place in Libra and so it is all about balancing your needs and your desires while not forgetting those of the people around you. Bring all the aspects of your life together in a harmonious manner. 

As the seasons change, the energy around us also begins to change. 

If you’re in the north, you’ll feel energy starting to shift inside of you and you will be persuaded to set free the things that are no longer useful to you. The same thing is happening on the Earth as the branches of trees become stark and bare and the cold starts to set in. Darkness increases as the light recedes. 

For those in the south, energy will begin moving out from them and they will begin to communicate better and show themselves to the world. At the same time, spring is coming in and new flowers are blooming everywhere. This is a period of great fertility so plant your intentions and begin nurturing them. Here the light becomes greater and warmth begins to set in. 

The Presence Of The Asteroid Chiron

The possessor of immense healing powers, if Chiron is present anywhere in your astrological readings, it is a sign that there is something in you that needs healing and purification. 

Chironic hurts are due to karma and each one shows something that your soul has learned in your present lifetime.  As the asteroid’s power is at its peak during this Equinox, all of us will be part of this process of healing. 

Since the equinox occurs in Libra, it is important to know what Libra values. Creating new connections and bonding with those around you, allowing others to look deep inside your soul, understanding other opinions and working on your skills as an empath are all aspects on which Libra places great importance.

This cruel system we are trapped in might say that only the weak are empaths but it takes much more strength than we realize to be able to offer empathy. 

With Chiron and the Sun both located in Libra, their combined energies serve as a reminder that we are all only human.

It begins healing even the deepest and most painful of manmade divides that have severed the bonds tying us to each other. It is time that we look past superficial differences and see how all of us are actually just one and the same. 

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