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The Ascension Process Isn’t Always A Walk In The Park As Your Dirty Laundry Has To Come Out

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Often when we meditate we feel good immediately after, however it is quickly replaced by depressive feelings. This happens because when we meditate we levitate and move closer towards the vibrations of our spiritual being.

We welcome the spiritual light in us which removes the karmic blocks gathered in our chakra system over lifetimes. As these blocks dissolve, it results in pain, cold or hot sensations and weird bodily movements.

While meditating, the normal body vibrations get heightened and reach the vibrations of the spiritual self. This gives off euphoric emotions. However, once done, the body moves back to the physical plane where it needs to adjust the energy levels to the physical parameters. This process is soul alchemy where, through meditation and other spiritual practices, we can transform the dense low vibrational energy into higher frequencies.

Since with scientific progress, we have resorted to easy remedies, our bodies often can’t cooperate with spiritual healing. We don’t understand that pills don’t heal us; they cover the problem for a while. True healing involves going to the root of the problem and bringing it to the spiritual light and consciousness so that they can be cured of their issues.

The movement of bringing forth our energetic blocks creates changes in our energy fields leading to ascension symptoms. As the blocks are removed, higher vibrational energy is included which activates the DNA and spiritual glands, resulting in certain changes.

Seeing humanity fall to a lower vibrational level, Mother Earth asked for help across the Universe and it was granted. We have to raise our consciousness and awaken spiritually to explore the full potential of spiritual healing and transformations.

This is why most of humanity and the rest of the planet is undergoing transformation from carbon based being to crystalline beings at a rapid rate.

With the help of meditation, we can reach the ascension in consciousness that will open up the blocked tubes and channels that have been preventing us from attaining spiritual heights. With regular meditation, the depths of our hearts, minds and souls will open up to imbibe the goodness of spiritual energies. It will help us connect deeply to our true inner self.

However to achieve this balance and peace, one needs to undergo spiritual detoxification of lifetimes worth of pain, karma and trauma. The ascension process requires dedication, determination and will to get better. This journey may make you experience uncomfortable sensations but you need to be persistent for the benefits. Many people start with good intentions but run away in fear, continuing to live their fake lives.

We don’t have to struggle with the duality of our lower selves and higher selves any more. By raising our vibrational energy, we are slowly reaching our true potential, closer to God. With the spiritualization of our ego, we are becoming one with our higher selves. This is how the world will be healed.

Contact an energy healer to help you through the entire process.

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