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8 Things Women Learn When They Meet Their Twin Flame

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flames are not just any relationship: they are one of the two special kinds of romantic relationship that exist among human beings.

Twin flames are best explained like this: imagine a room that you cannot see the insides of. The only way you can, is if you place two mirrors in it, facing each other. The complementary reflections will give you a vivid reflection of everything in the room.

Think of the room as yourself, something you cannot know everything of, and the two mirrors as the souls of you and your twin flame.

Your relationship, in short, brings out things that were previously unknown to you, about none other than yourself.

When a woman, who is already the embodiment of motherly empathy and spirituality, meets her twin flame, here are 11 things she learns/feels.

1. There is music in silence

You learn that you do not need confirmation and validation all the time. Verbal communication can only serve temporal needs. Your relationship with your twin flame is ethereal, otherworldly and blessed; it only makes sense if your spirits talk to each other.

Gestures mean a whole lot more to you than to others.

2. You can’t really lose each other

Loss and grief are for the temporal relationship only. You two have something that is far beyond explanation. It is a bond that transcends all earthly boundaries and is one of the souls; the physical part of the relationship is a small, enhanced part of the bigger picture.

3. You lead

You always knew despite the patriarchy around teaching you otherwise, that you were capable of being a leader in a relationship. Your twin flame brings out such hidden qualities out of your soul every single day.

4. Hugging your soul

In our late capitalist existence, and gig-economy, it is very easy to lose track about the spiritual well-being of your life. However, it obviously cannot be ignored, because at one point, one must meet their maker. Twin flame relationships bring out the spiritual in you because you see a mimesis of your own journey in someone else, someone detached yet extremely similar to you.

5. Intense sex

Sex, believe it or not is one of the oldest of worship rituals in the world. Hindus as a matter of fact worship the very act of sex as the shiva-linga. It is ethereal when along with pleasures of your flesh, you find your souls kissing through it. The act of orgasming, for you my friend is something you cannot put to words. You might just discover kinks you had but never knew or explored.

6. Detachment and love

From your own soul. You will know just how much neglect it has gone through for you. With this relationship you will be rectifying all that wrong and hurt you put your pristine soul through.

You learn that love too is really predestined and worth it. It is not existing for its own sake. It has a higher purpose: to unite two souls separated, in an unquantifiable but really strong bond of the cosmic origin. It is meant to be a marriage of souls.

7. To respect the struggles of men

The greatest of ‘feminazis’ too, would in time, find that men go through the struggles and hypocrisies of patriarchy as much as women do, despite being in seats of metaphorical control. You learn to respect the struggles of yourself better too, because you see your soul in him struggling and winning.

8. Learn lessons from old loves

By comparison and realizations you understand every other past lover was but a chapter that was preparing you for this culminating climax. And boy oh boy was it worth it!

You find essence in everything you do, because you are at peace.

You find your true calling, temporal and spiritual. Your life is changed.

Ladies, if your love story makes you feel these things, try harder than ever, and do not let go.

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