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Busy Cancer Season Starts June 20th And Brings Lighter Energies

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by Conscious Reminder 

The 2020 Cancer season will begin from 20th June, bringing along a Summer Solar Eclipse, which will activate the Global Axis.

Just before the Cancer Solar Eclipse occurs, we will witness the spiritual Summer Solstice take place. The energies will be potent, and the Summer Solstice will lift the veil that separates our dimension from the higher realm.

The Summer Solstice and the New Moon Solar Eclipse indicate a time of new beginning. We will, as a global family, journey towards the unknown and new.

This Cancer Season Will Activate Our Sensitive, Warm, Nurturing, And Creative Side

The zodiac Cancer will inspire love, bravery, and kindness in us all. Change can be painful, as is leaving the past. So, one way to navigate through this transformative journey is by looking out for each other.

Be warm and nurturing, but also remember to speak up for yourself. Follow your intuition, for Cancer will renew and re-energize your inner powers.

Cosmic Events To Look Out For:

Cancer Solstice Solar Eclipse

Coming 20th-21st June, the Cancer season will be kickstarted with the Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse. It represents a new beginning and indicates a wave of fresh opportunities. Shed your past self and create anew.

Neptune Retrograde

On 22nd June, Neptune will start its Retrograde, making the total number of planets in Retrograde six. The planet of illusion will be in Retrograde till 29th November 2020. Till then, this dreamy celestial body will influence our dreams and thoughts. Try to ground yourself and don’t make any hasty decisions.

Venus Direct

On 24th-25th June, Venus will reduce its strength and go direct. Venus has been in Retrograde since 12th May and has been influencing our love life since then. As days unfold, the results of those effects will start revealing itself to us.

Mars Will Enter Aries

On 27th June, Mars will enter Aries and encourage our warrior self to come out. The combination is a headstrong and fierce one. So, beware of losing your temper. Emotions might be heightened, so watch out.

Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

On 29th June, the second Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will take place. The global economy will be the focus during this conjunction. It will serve you well to look at your own finances during this time.

The Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

On 4th July, the last Eclipse of the Cancer season will take place. Powerful energies will be released. Whatever we have been working on since July of 2018 will come to fruition during this time. Reflect on what has happened since then, and you might find closures to your pains and hurts.

Chiron Retrograde

This asteroid with healing powers will start its Retrograde on 11th July. The time will be right to focus on healing yourself, and the people you might have hurt. Clear any unresolved issues and start the journey to healing. This Retrograde will last till 15th December.

Mercury Direct

On 12th July, as Mercury turns direct, we will gain clarity. Use this new vision to reflect on how you can better yourself.

Cancer New Moon

On 20th July, the last celestial event in the Cancer season will take place. This New Moon will be a sensitive one. Our intuitive powers will peak during this time.

On 22nd July, things will calm down relatively as we get used to the new world. Till then, hold on tight!

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