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Here’s What Happens To Immature Men When A Strong Woman Appears In Their Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Analysis of different aspects of relationships show us that men tend to enjoy playing dominant roles that give them a sense of control.

The well known “Who wears the pants in the family” is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the ancient stereotype that men should have control over the household (and their wives).

This need for dominance occasionally comes into question, especially when immature men can’t come to terms with their feelings (and uncertainty) after a strong woman appears in their life.

Here are five reasons why immature men often feel intimidated by powerful women:

1. A strong woman is not afraid to put him to his place

A powerful woman won’t hesitate to show her man that his ego is not the reason why she is with him. She believes that he should takes responsibility of his actions, and challenges him when he makes mistakes or when claims that he is always right.

Powerful women are smart and capable, which is in conflict with immaturity.

2. He feels pressured into success

Powerful women always give their partners unconditional support, but they want them and motivate them to be the best they can be. Immature men often see this support as a threat.

They fear that she expects more and they won’t be able to deliver. Not to mention, immature men do not tolerate constructive criticism.

3. Immature men are afraid of commitment

Immature men have no idea what they want from life. On the other had, powerful women know exactly what they want. If a strong woman decides to be with a man, it is because she knows he is exactly what she always wanted. She is not afraid of commitment.

Commitment terrifies immature men. Being serious is not their strong suit.

4. She will always speak her mind

A strong woman has no problem facing somebody because of what they said or done. If they did something she doesn’t lie, she will definitely speak her mind.

This can also feel a bit intimidating to some men, because they are not used to see a woman being so direct.

5. A strong woman is hard to impress

Immature males are usually not the ones who put 100% into a relationship, which may come as a problem because strong women expect their partners to be as equally as strong.

A strong woman puts passion into her every-day living and she needs her partner to bring some of his passion into the relationship – it will show her that he is worth keeping.

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