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Mercury Is Turning Direct Today, And This Is How It Will Affect You

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury would turn direct on August 19, and we would finally get over the stagnancy, and be able to move afresh.

It turns direct in Leo, and we would regain the strength in our limbs that have been devoid of strength to move, the past month, when Mercury was in retrograde, and everything around us, felt similar to a limbo.

Although Mercury has still not released us from its cloudy, foggy grasp, it is weaker, which would allow us to start working forwards, and loosen off the grip, and give a life to the horoscopes, which they, and we, want. Also, Mercury in retrograde messes up the entire communication system, which could be in any form, be it personal, professional, verbal, or digital.

This period results in a Leo being very hesitant, about everything they are planning, thinking, or saying. The feeling is such that, it always leaves doubt in the minds of the speaker, and they end up being unable to convince their listeners.

They might have it all planned out, and for Leo concerns itself more with matters of the heart, it might not always be rash, but they end up second-guessing every aspect of it, and finally either abort the plan, or be miserable about the result. The hammer hits the nails with the desire force, but something always ends up missing.

The area around this retrograde is so murky, and foggy, that no one has the slightest inkling, why our hearts and our minds seemed to never meet, always filled with uncertainties, for reasons, neither could fathom.

Mercury retrograde led to a number of fights that might have taken place at both the personal and professional level.

Accept it, you must have fought with your partner a lot of times, simply due to miscommunication, or the mere fact, that neither you nor your partner was able to understand what was going on, and neither wanted to back down, in this unproven fear, that it would belittle them.

This retrograde messes up communication, which is extremely crucial in any relationship, which you must have understood by now, and now that Mercury is turning direct, things would definitely change.

This could be very well because Mercury, in a position of retrograde, was confused, and hesitant where to orbit next, which confused us as to where to go next. After all, if we are minds are foggy, without any thought or any destination in mind, we would be lost, no matter how good an explorer we are.

This was what happened to us. We could see the end, but the road was fraught with darkness. We could never understand, why the heart and mind were at constant loggerheads, when it was Mercury’s confusion all along. When we are finally free of this, we realize we have a long way to go.

“While we are just a week or so past our final eclipse and new moon, we are still feeling the anticipation of a new beginning, and Mercury turning direct is an important piece in us being able to construct our lives around what we feel our hearts (Leo) most drawn to. Perhaps we will have given up trying to explain things logically, or maybe it’s simply that we won’t care.” (Kate Rose)

Mercury turning direct would help Leos in so many ways. It would signal the end of the murkiness, and light would shine on us, and we would finally be able to see the road that leads us to our goals.

All we need to do, is embrace the change, for even though change can be troubling at times, this change is welcome.

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