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If You Really Love Them, This Is How You Remain Loyal

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If you truly love and care for another person, you shouldn’t have any problem being loyal to them. You shouldn’t need to deceive or hide secrets.

People who are truly in love shouldn’t need to hide their phones when they send text messages to other people. You shouldn’t want to conceal things from the person you’re in a relationship with. You shouldn’t be engaging in behaviors that you feel like you need to deceive them about. If you truly love someone, you wouldn’t need to give your contacts list code names.

You shouldn’t clear out the message logs you have daily because you’re worried about what would happen if your partner went snooping.

If you’re truly in love with a person, you shouldn’t be taking calls in the middle of the night and hiding from your partner so they can’t hear the conversation.

You shouldn’t have to act shady or strange about any of your communications.

You shouldn’t be wasting time on dating apps, not even “just to look for friends.” You shouldn’t be browsing social media pages to find strangers you might want to hook up with, just to make sure your options stay open.

If you’re in love with another person, you won’t need to daydream about what kind of life you’d have with someone else. You wouldn’t need to come up with elaborate scenarios regarding people you aren’t involved with.

If you’re truly in love, you would get rid of all of your other options because you’re currently content with your life. If you’re truly in love, you won’t need to look for ego boosts and confidence from the way that other people view you. If you’re truly in love, you won’t flirt “harmlessly” with other people just to feel more confident, because your partner would be enough to boost your ego.

If you’re in love with a person, you wouldn’t conduct yourself like you were still available for relationships with other people. You wouldn’t conduct yourself inappropriately around people who aren’t your partner. People who are really in love will dispel any miscommunications regarding their infidelity and availability. You should be making it absolutely clear to the people surrounding you that you’re in a committed relationship, and that you don’t have any interest in messing around. You shouldn’t be giving your phone number to everyone you meet or making eyes at people you see in the club.

You should shun the advances of other individuals and keep to yourself.

If you’re really in love with another person, you shouldn’t be so reckless that you allow yourself to get completely wasted. You should limit your alcohol consumption so you don’t end up in a position where you’re not in control.

You don’t want to find yourself accidentally being unfaithful because you had too much to drink.
You’ll care too much about your partner to want to bring them that kind of betrayal and pain. So you’ll control yourself for the sake of the person you love, for the sake of making the relationship last. If you truly love someone, you won’t need to constantly communicate with your exes to make sure you have a fallback if your current relationship doesn’t work out.

You shouldn’t have someone waiting to take over if your relationship falls apart. You shouldn’t have any kind of back-up plan, because you should be confident that your relationship is loving enough to work. You should be willing to put all of your heart into your current relationship so that you won’t ever lose them. None of that energy should go toward making backup plans. People who are truly in love don’t make contingency plans or come up with fallback options.

If you truly love a person, you won’t ever cheat on them, whether the cheating is in an emotional or a physical capacity. You won’t become invested in another person because you would be giving all of your emotional energy to your current relationship.

You won’t have any interest in touching other people because your physical intimacy is being saved for the person you care about. If you truly love your partner, you’ll stay loyal to them.

Loyalty can sometimes seem in short supply. How important do you think loyalty is to a relationship?

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