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February Astro Forecast: Gentler Energies Great For Introspection

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by Conscious Reminder

Being a leap year, February 2020 has 29 days. The 29th of February is special because it is giving us the number 8 numerologically.

Eight represents abundance, a sense of balance, and immense potential for our souls. You can expect this month to bring all these things with it. February is going to feel like a breeze after the heavy January.

Full Moon In Leo – 8th February

January’s Full Moon Eclipse was very intense, but this one due in February will be much lighter. Its vibrations are going to make us feel aligned with our soul’s path. It will also make us more confident. Whatever work you’ve been putting in towards your goal since August 2019, is going to bear fruit.

If any past issues were bothering you, this Full Moon will bring the much-needed closure to them.

Mars Moves Into Capricorn – 16th February

Traditionally, this placement is an ambitious one. The earthy energy will make us feel heavy and we might need motivation.

So, reflection will become extremely important. Pause when you need to, it will bring you the much-required inspiration.

In Capricorn, Mars will support your ambitious aspirations. But you need to get little tactical and patient when using this energy. This is more so because of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in March.

Mercury Retrograde – 18th February to 10th March

During this time, you have to become slower in your approach towards things. Happening in the water sign of Pisces, this Retrograde will bless us with intuition and a sharp 6th sense. The Sun too shifts into Pisces during this time.

Sun In Pisces- 18th– 19th February

The Sun has gone through all the phases and now is nearing the cycle’s end. This will mark the ending and tying up of loose ends. You’ll harvest the fruits of seeds you had sown.

Reflect on whatever lessons you’ve learned and whatever gifts you’ve earned during the last 12 months. A new cycle is soon to begin!

Neptune Sextile Jupiter- 20th February

Although it is to happen on this one day, you will feel its effects throughout the month. This position of Jupiter and Neptune is special and rare as it happens every 4 and 9 years alternatively. But this sextile will happen thrice in 2020, in February, July-August, and October.

It will bring peace and healing properties in your life. Your vibrations will also be heightened due to this configuration.

New Moon In Pisces – 23rd February

March is filled with new beginnings and this New Moon will set the pace for them.

Overall, February will be a calming month. It will heal the bruises left by January and past that. Keep your pace slow during the Mercury Retrograde. Be in touch with the world but at the same time also try to remain connected with your inner self.

May the month of February bring healing and calming vibrations to all our lives.

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