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Exercising & Mental Health: How Much Is Enough? 

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by Conscious Reminder

Whenever we talk about mental illness and how to tackle them, a lot of people come up with the solution of physical exercise because of the physiological changes that it brings about.

When you get enough exercise, your body releases a particular hormone that plays a significant role in improving your mood, known as an endorphin.

That being said, one cannot afford to forget that mental health does not and cannot have one solution, there is a lot that needs to be taken care of and exercising can only be a temporary solution.

Not only temporary, the solution does not hold the same level of solution for everyone all the time.

Studies conducted have shown how a certain number of people think that they would need to work out for 2-2.5 hours to have high spirits while some people say that getting 10-15 minutes of exercise a week does it for them.

It is not always possible to calculate something as abstract as mental health by one specific standard because different people have different reasons for their problems but in general it could be said that people who get some kind of exercise at least a couple of days a week have been observed to have lesser days of low spirits.

However, nothing can be said in a very concrete manner because one has to consider social, economic and emotional aspects or what their family life is like, or what their childhood was like and so on.

There is a lot of criticism that has been thrown at this approach of treating mental issues because it seems to disregard the factual truth of a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is not possible to eradicate something as grave as mental illness just by exercising although it does help.

There is also another thing that one must keep in mind before adopting this method of treatment, which is over working out. If one works out too much or tires themselves out to a breaking point, it would do more harm than good because a study conducted in this regard shows that this has a negative impact on the mental illness.

To be completely objective about it, it can rightly be said that everything done in moderation would serve the purpose.

A good diet along with an adequate amount of exercise, which again, is different for everybody can be a viable option but is again subject to other variables and living factors of the individual.

Age also plays an important role in this regard as it has been noted that people who fall under a certain age bracket also have different reactions to exercise and how much they exercise.

The takeaway from all of this would be to really find out what works best for you because there cannot be one solution to something like this, one has to indulge in the trial and error method.

You must always remember that your mental health issues need as much attention just as anything physical would and you owe it to yourself to try everything you possibly can to help yourself.

Scientists who have conducted studies about these issues are generally conflicted and very clearly state that it is impossible to make a general statement in this regard because bodies react differently to different things. The crux of it, however is that one must maintain a sort of balance and things should be okay.

A lifestyle modification as a whole will have some kind of effect on the mental health of every individual so one would require to find out what works best for them. A good diet, exercise in moderation and adequate sleep could work wonders. 

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