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Have You Walked This Earth Before? 8 Signs Of Reincarnation

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by Conscious Reminder

The reincarnation process is defined as a belief which exists in a few religions, and it differentiates across each of them, which depends on the place a person lives.

Reincarnation is considered a controversial theme, and also in the old and ancient religions, logical proofs of its existence do not exist, but there are a lot of indications.

In different faiths, particularly the religions of the West, there is a belief that a soul returns to the earth for various reasons, but most of the time the purpose is to inhabit some other human body, while in the religions of the East, there is a belief that if one soul was unfortunate in its past life, it would reincarnate in an animal.

The signs or indications of the reincarnation process are quite similar in different religions which have belief in it.

Look at the following six signs which indicate that you reincarnated in this world:

1. Unexplained attitudes and fears.

Specific phobias or fears which you have are not logical at all. For instance, you may be afraid of water, even though you never before experienced a feeling of drowning, and you may be afraid of a ladder, although you never before fell from one. Such inexplicable attitudes and fears can result from some problem which happened in your past life.

2. Déjà vu.

The déjà vu is a type of feeling according to which people believe they were at some place or event before or that they have lived the moment before and they know a person they never saw before.

However, science explains déjà vu as a non-success of the memory mechanisms, when a specific event or situation is directly stored in the long or also the short term memories, without even passing through the immediate.

3. Repeating dreams.

Usually, people tend to have repeating dreams, and that cannot be explained logically. For instance, there may be a repetition of the entire dream, or just of an element which is present in various other dreams. The element may be a place, a person, an animal, or an object, or anything else. Also, it can be a person from people’s past lives who will try to tell them important things.

4. Remembering a place which you never visited or knew before.

For example, a person will go to someplace, or see videos or photos of that place which he or she never visited, and it will be familiar to them. Although they never saw it before, they will feel comfortable, and a welcome too, just like it is their home. This means that it probably was their home in their past life.

5. Birthmarks.

According to particular religions, when a person has a birthmark, it is usually connected with the death of the soul of that person in his or her past life. There are people who were born with birthmarks that look like shots, axes or knives, which reveal how he or she died in his past life. Usually, two different souls that once lived together in their past, may recognize each other through their birthmark.

6. The feeling of nostalgia and missing a person you never met before.

This can be quite difficult as in a certain period of our lives, every one of us actually felt or is going to feel some inadequacy feeling, or also longing to return to some place where we felt loved. In fact, that place might exist in this life but during some other phase of our life; however, never experiencing this feeling in this life, but feeling like we experienced it before, will definitely be a sign of reincarnation.

7. Inexplicable Pain

Do you have aches and pains that the doctors cannot quite pinpoint or explain medically? You might be labeled a hypochondriac. Or those sensations may be manifestations of suffering you endured in a previous existence. If pain affects your daily activities, do talk to a doctor about it, or if you’ve already done that to no avail, try getting a second opinion.

8. You’re an Old Soul

One of the symptoms of reincarnation is an unexplainable knowledge and passion for the past. Maybe you’ve always felt that you belonged to a different era or was “born out of your time.” These feelings may translate into enthusiasm for a certain historical period or culture, not your own.

Are you instinctively drawn to a place in time so much that just a mention of it transports your mind there? Could your obsession reflect the incarnation you were during that time? How else could you explain such passion and familiarity?

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