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11 Amazing Characteristics Of INFJs

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by Conscious Reminder

INFJs are calm, reflective and quiet, but they can sometimes react differently and unexpectedly.

They have powerful intuition which expands the consciousness inside them and permits them to also be correct in their judgments about other people. Moreover, they are empathetic and socially intelligent.

These are the eleven personal qualities that the rarest type of personality (just 1% of all the people in the world have it) has:

1. Faithful

An INFJ is reliable and honest. He or she always attempt to treat other people well and also be compassionate. They are even good friends and devoted and loyal parents. An INFJ will not cheat on you. He or she believes in love, so when there are no more feelings, they just go. You are blessed if you have one such in your life.

2. Responsible

An INFJ will always keep his or her promises, or achieve his or her goals. In fact, INFJs are responsible, so you can definitely rely on them. They are not able to harm others, but they are always going to do what seems best for them. An INFJ always wants everything to go just like it was planned, and that’s why they sometimes look like perfectionists too.

3. Warm-hearted

INFJs are really warm-hearted individuals. They are prepared to offer help to other people when those people have some difficulties. However, that is not all. An INFJ will gladly share his or her knowledge or life experience.

4. Creative and talented

These individuals are incredibly creative and talented. Moreover, they always give some alternative solutions to certain complicated problems. As they have artistic talents, INFJs adore music, art, writing, and books and they enjoy participating in different types of activities that require high levels of creativity and talent.

5. Emotionally intense

These people are blessed but also cursed simultaneously, as they are constantly emotionally intense, meaning they are living in quite more complicated ways that the ones that feel things not so intensely. For example, they care a lot about the feelings of others, and as a result of that, they show a considerable amount of compassion. Moreover, they will not show it when they are hurt, although they are going to suffer a lot more than other people do.

6. Building strong relationships

An INFJ has one small group of really close friends. He or she prefers quality and not quantity regarding partners and friends. They only want true friendships, instead of a group of some random acquaintances. They are always friendly and nice, which helps them a lot when it comes to acceptance by other people.

7. Enjoy meaningful conversations

These people enjoy deep and meaningful conversations. Some shallow small talk will not amuse them. Furthermore, as they are considered introverts too, they don’t have a strong desire to socialize. This is the reason why they need partners and friends with whom they have some similar interests. 

8. See the truth

An INFJ has strong sensitivity and intuition, and that makes him or her be able to walk in the shoes of someone else. They can predict the actions of others, and even see the truth behind the lies of someone. A lot of INFJs are pleased when they have the ability to share their knowledge with other people, and that’s why a lot of them become counselors, leaders, and writers who help others.

9. Solitude

These individuals want to spend some time alone, so they retreat from social life. Also, and INFJ tends to shut himself or herself off from this outside world, enjoying in solitude. He or she does not really want anything or anyone bothering them either. This is how they restore their emotional balance and energy. Moreover, they are given a chance to focus more on their problems, plans, and lives in general.

10. Appreciate beauty

These individuals appreciate beauty in various forms. Regardless of the fact if it is about a place of living, art, the appearance of someone, or a piece of touching music, it will never go unnoticed. The appreciation they have for material beauty actually contrasts with spirituality. Things which bring beauty will feed their souls and overload them with positive energies, so that is what makes them unique.

11. Help others

When someone does not have goals or works just for paying the bills, INFJs feel miserable. An INFJ know how he or she should perform everyday duties; however, they also know they have to do significant things. Giving to other people makes them the happiest, as they believe that nothing in the world is better than seeing others happy.

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